Your Home and Workspace Can Be Your Success Partner

Earlier this week, we read about various aspects of Success through this month’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival. Today, we continue this theme with an invitation from Home and Workspace Expert Melody LeBaron. If you’re looking for a new approach to helping your clients, you’ll want to read what she’s up to this month.

success partnersWhat is a Success Partner? You may not have heard the term before, but I’ll bet you intuitively know what a Success Partner is: someone who supports your goals, someone who brings all their gifts, skills, and abilities to the table — in an honest, transparent, vulnerable, willing-to-share way.

A Success Partner isn’t, and doesn’t try to be, perfect. A Success Partner is someone who shows up fully and moves toward mastery one step at a time, helping others along the way.

We’ve all had teachers, bosses, and colleagues who’ve partnered with us and helped us achieve success. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the mentoring and support our Success Partners gave us.

Did you ever think of your HOME as a Success Partner? Most people don’t realize that the spaces we live in are always partnering with us, whether we know it or not. You see, space is alive and intelligent. Not just nature, but the spaces inside the buildings we live and work in. And those spaces, including your workspace, are always offering their gifts:

  • shelter
  • safety
  • structure
  • pattern
  • light
  • storage for our stuff
  • horizontal spaces for our work, rest and play
  • the possibility for pattern, texture, and colors that appeal to us
  • a template within which we create our vision for the future

What if you knew that your home wanted to be a powerful Success Partner for you? What if you knew that your rooms longed to support the Big Vision you have for your Work in the World?

peace of mindAnd what if you knew how to connect to your Home in ways that allow you to transform your flat, one-dimensional relationship with your space into a real partnership — in which you both show up fully and move toward mastery one step at a time, supporting each other along the way? Join Melody LeBaron and 5 other Holistic Professional Organizers in their first TeleSummit:

Escape Your Clutter Prison Holistic Organizers TelesummitThe Holistic Organizers believe that it’s entirely possible for you and I to have homes and workspaces that function as Success Partners, homes and workspaces that function efficiently and feel wonderful, homes and workspaces in which we feel like the Powerful Women we are!

The key to manifesting the Life you want is having an environment that supports that Big Vision. And that’s what the Holistic Organizers want for you!

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