Another Professional Organizer Joins the Blogosphere

If you were to ask me what I like best about my work, it would be a toss-up between developing new WordPress sites and providing blog support to professional organizers, so naturally, I was thrilled when Clare Kumar contacted me about setting up a blog for her.

Streamlife blog

Clare and I had spoken briefly in the past, but had a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another when we sat together on the train to Montreal for the POC Conference in November 2010, and I was really impressed with her enthusiasm, her professional manner, and her outgoing personality.

She already had an up-to-date website which represented her brand quite effectively, and after considering several different options, she decided upon a blog that not only had the same look and feel as her website, but that would integrate with it seamlessly. She also had several unique features in mind which I had not seen before, and as a result I’m pleased to have several new items in my toolkit that I’ll be able to apply to future projects – and maybe even my own blog!

I had a wonderful time working with Clare and her graphic designer to create her new WordPress blog, and I’m sure you will enjoy reading her posts.

Janet is a Web Designer and Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist who makes woman solopreneurs shine by creating websites that capture their unique essence. With strong roots in the organizing industry, her specialty is helping professional organizers to maximize their online presence through blogging.

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