Enter to win a free marketing course of your choice!

win a free marketing course of your choice

As I mentioned in my last post, all past, current and future topics covered in Maximize Marketing Club are now available as standalone courses, and one lucky reader will win the course of her choice! Here’s how you can enter to win: Review the course listings. In the Comments, tell me which course you would […]

Learn more about Organizing for Personality Types

personality type and organizing style resources

Over the past two-and-a-half months, I’ve shared with you pretty well everything I know about personality type and how it influences an individual’s relationship with time and space. For your convenience, here’s a recap of the entire series: Learn About Organizing for Personality Types How does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® work? Helping your clients identify […]

Learn About Organizing for Personality Types

Organizing Style and Personality Type

Do your organizing systems work well for some clients, but not others? Every person views the world through different eyes, and you need to understand your clients’ uniqueness before you can create solutions that will help them to get and stay organized. Organizing strategies are more likely to be effective when they take your client’s […]

5 Reasons to overcome your fear of attending conference

Jill Annis and Katherine Blackler

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard from several bloggers about their experiences at the NAPO 2016 Conference. Previous posts in this series were: How to write your book and get it in the hands of readers by Kathy Vines NAPO 2016 Organizing Expo – Part 1 by Julie Stobbe NAPO 2016 Organizing Expo – […]

The Dangers of Self-Improvement

The dangers of self-improvement

It’s a brand new year, and since many of us are currently focused on self-improvement in some shape or form, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at that subject. My first guest blogger for this year is Julie Gray, a holistic time coach, speaker, and author. The other day I tuned into my intuition […]

Why are presentation skills so important for success?

Janet Barclay speaking at WordCamp Hamilton 2015

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of giving my How to Write Blog Posts that Get Results presentation at WordCamp Hamilton 2015. If just the thought of public speaking makes you anxious, you might be questioning how I can describe such an experience as a pleasure. I get it! Not long after I started […]

Show Me the Money!

This is already Week 5 of our NAPO2015 recap series! We’ve heard from Kathy Vines about the Minimalists‘ opening keynote, read Autumn Leopold’s interview with Cena Block, learned about the NAPO Authorship SIG Bookstore from Hazel Thornton, and found out what it’s like to experience the conference as a first-time exhibitor. Today, I’m pleased to […]

Shelf Scouter Attends NAPO2015 to Learn From the Industry’s Best

NAPO2015 logo

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reading about the experiences of various NAPO members who attended this year’s Conference. Today we’ll hear from Lindsay Fairman, creator of Shelf Scouter, who attended as an exhibitor and new corporate partner. Have you ever had the feeling that you’re exactly where you belong? The feeling that you’ve found “your […]

Shooting for the Stars: The NAPO Authorship SIG Bookstore

Ramona Creel, Hazel Thornton and Donna Smallin Kuper at NAPO 2015

Are you enjoying the NAPO2015 recap so far? I know I am! The fun continues today with a great post by Hazel Thornton about a very special booth at the Organizing Expo. I caught wind of it through some discussions on Facebook when it was in the planning stages, and it sounds like it was […]

Learn LinkedIn Secrets from The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur


There are hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of people who profess to be social media experts. Some of them are big name gurus with huge followings and grandiose ideas that aren’t really practical for solopreneurs like us to try and implement. Others have such a pitiful online presence that they really have no business teaching others […]

Personal Photo Organizing: The Up and Coming Niche for Professional Organizers

photo organizing

Organizing is a very diverse field, with so many options for specialization. Some of the possibilities we’ve featured in the past include Family Manager Coach, Organizer Coach, Concierge, Senior Move Manager, and ADHD Coach. Today we welcome Natalie Gallagher with information about becoming a Personal Photo Organizer. How often do you come across boxes of […]

10 tips for a successful organizing business

10 tips for a successful organizing business

To be a successful organizing coach or consultant, you need knowledge, a passion for imparting that knowledge to others, and basic business skills. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve talked about a number of resources for professional development and networking to help you attain those skills. Today I’m happy to share my top tips […]

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