How to make your website – and your business – more visible

website planning

Having a website is the first step to making your business visible online. With millions of sites on the web today, there’s a high chance that no one will know yours exists unless you take measures to promote it. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make your website and brand more visible […]

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

website maintenance

Your website is not a one-time investment. As your business evolves, you need to update your website to reflect changes to your services, team members, or policies. Even a very basic site should be updated from time to time to keep the design and the content fresh! In addition, there is much going on behind the […]

How to draw traffic to your site with offline marketing strategies

business card exchange

Last week, Holly Horsman talked about maximizing your online presence by incorporating traditional marketing techniques into your digital marketing strategy. There is definitely still a place for offline marketing, and in this post Leila Dorari shares six strategies for you to consider.   In today’s digital era, your website is your storefront and the main tool […]

Merging Old School Marketing With the Electronic Age

Old School Marketing

  There have always been many different ways to market an organizing business – some free, some inexpensive, and some costly – and it seems that there are more options every time you turn around! Before you get lost chasing after the latest bright shiny object, read this article by Holly Horsman. In it, Holly […]

How to write blog titles that get the results you need

woman reading a blog

Many factors influence the success of your blog posts, including the value of your content, your writing style, and the strength of your call to action. But no matter how great your post is, you won’t get results if nobody even reads it. Your title, or headline, has a very important role here. Its main […]

8 Creative Tips to Make Your Video Content Go Viral

viral video

It’s no secret that video is currently one of the hottest ways to promote your business. Since I haven’t yet embraced it myself, I was thrilled when Brenna Clarine, who writes about video for the Valoso blog, offered to share some tips to help you gain more success with your videos. Viral videos today aren’t as […]

Beautiful WordPress Websites that will Brighten Your Day

Marilyn Turner, MSW RSW Counselling Services

I’ve recently had the privilege of creating unique WordPress websites for three distinctly different Canadian clients, and I’m excited to share them with you today. Caldwell Evolution Inc. I began working with Carolyn Caldwell several years ago, when I designed a WordPress site for her organizing business, Wellrich Organizers (now Altered Organization, and soon to […]

Action Words – What they are and why Content Marketing can’t exist without them

call to action

I created a lesson on “Writing a Powerful Call to Action” for the Writing Amazing Blog Posts course in Maximize Marketing Club last month. Then I gave a presentation on the same topic at a networking breakfast last week. Since the Call to Action has been on my mind so much lately, I’m especially pleased to share […]

Strong habits that will ramp up your blogging

blogging routine

Producing content and sharing it with your audience requires consistent effort on your part. In this post, I’ll share a few different writing habits you can cultivate and practice. The more you write, the better and faster you’ll become. If you find writing arduous, rest assured that the more you do it, the easier it […]

How to manage multiple blogs without going crazy

managing multiple blogs

Managing one blog is time-consuming enough, so why would anyone want to run multiple blogs? Lots of reasons! Maybe you want to have another blog just for fun. Maybe you want to start networking in another industry. Maybe you want to build another revenue stream. Maybe you are a professional blogger that needs to manage […]

How to improve your Facebook ads using the right typography

facebook typography

Social media has radically changed the way we do business, and in many ways, it has been in favor of small businesses. Back in the day, even the most tech-savvy business owners had a tough job getting one over big businesses because they have the resources to pull all the stops in making their online […]

Enter to win a free marketing course of your choice!

win a free marketing course of your choice

As I mentioned in my last post, all past, current and future topics covered in Maximize Marketing Club are now available as standalone courses, and one lucky reader will win the course of her choice! Here’s how you can enter to win: Review the course listings. In the Comments, tell me which course you would […]

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