Email Marketing Services

Despite the popularity of blogging and social media, email marketing is as powerful and profitable as ever.

With over 10 years’ experience creating ezines, newsletters, and email blasts, we can help you to set up your opt-in list and stay in touch with people who are interested in your business.

MailChimp Setup Package

For $177.00, we’ll get you started by:

  • Designing an email template to match your website
  • Setting up your free gift for delivery to new subscribers
  • Adding a subscription form to your website
  • Importing your mailing list from a previous service

Other Services

  • Setting up automatic or manual email campaigns from your blog
  • Managing your newsletter publishing schedule
  • Proofreading and editing your newsletters and eblasts
  • Formatting and scheduling your email campaigns in MailChimp
  • One-on-One Training/Strategy Sessions


If there’s any aspect of email marketing that you don’t know how to do, don’t have time to do, or just don’t want to do yourself, just ask! We’re happy to create a custom package that meets your unique needs.

With Organized Assistant on your team, you can count on having an email newsletter that makes your business shine.

Sue WestI used to be consistent at releasing my business newsletter and then like many solopreneurs, I starting missing issues. Working with Janet allows me to use my strength, which is to write, educate and share. And I get an accountability partner, which is so helpful.  She takes it all from there: from creating a new template, to creating and putting all the pieces together, to proofing, reading for content, and releasing it on social media. She will (gently) let me know if a point is unclear, too wordy, or needs work. And I’m happy to trust her opinions!

Sue West, Certified Organizer Coach®,  CPO-CD®


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