How to make your website – and your business – more visible

website planning

Having a website is the first step to making your business visible online. With millions of sites on the web today, there’s a high chance that no one will know yours exists unless you take measures to promote it. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make your website and brand more visible […]

How to draw traffic to your site with offline marketing strategies

business card exchange

Last week, Holly Horsman talked about maximizing your online presence by incorporating traditional marketing techniques into your digital marketing strategy. There is definitely still a place for offline marketing, and in this post Leila Dorari shares six strategies for you to consider.   In today’s digital era, your website is your storefront and the main tool […]

Merging Old School Marketing With the Electronic Age

Old School Marketing

  There have always been many different ways to market an organizing business – some free, some inexpensive, and some costly – and it seems that there are more options every time you turn around! Before you get lost chasing after the latest bright shiny object, read this article by Holly Horsman. In it, Holly […]

How to improve your Facebook ads using the right typography

facebook typography

Social media has radically changed the way we do business, and in many ways, it has been in favor of small businesses. Back in the day, even the most tech-savvy business owners had a tough job getting one over big businesses because they have the resources to pull all the stops in making their online […]

How Solopreneurs Can Use Omni-Channel Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness

omnichannel marketing

Are you a solopreneur? The term solopreneur has different meanings since it was coined some time ago, but the general definition of the word is a person who runs their business on their own, with no formal employees. This includes freelancers and consultants, a fast-growing segment of the American workforce. One of the most difficult […]

Where are you going wrong with your advertising efforts?

Are you making these marketing mistakes?

You’ve got so many options when it comes to advertising your business, both online and offline. It’s awful when you spend a lot of money or time trying out a new strategy, only to find it wasn’t worth it. In the following article, Brooke Chaplan offers advice to help you avoid three common marketing mistakes. […]

Using Facebook As A Business Tool

Do you have a Facebook page for your organizing business? Are you finding it to be an effective marketing tool? Would you consider paying to advertise on Facebook? Today’s article by Joanna Hughes explains the many tools available to help you make the most of your Facebook page. Who doesn’t “Like” more likes?

Do You Play Well with Others? A look at cooperative competition

In my experience, most professional organizers are very happy to share resources and expertise with their colleagues and reap many rewards from doing so. I asked my client, Julie Stobbe, about her thoughts on the subject, and was so impressed that I invited her to share them here today as my guest blogger.

Yellow Pages Advertising for Your Organizing Business

Scott Stratten (AKA @unmarketing) raised quite a stir last week when he compared advertising in the Yellow Pages to Aiming Your Company at the Bottom of the Barrel. I’ve been a fan of Scott’s work since I attended his teleclass on The 7 Deadly Website Sins for Professional Organizers in 2004, but I’d hate for […]

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