21 Ways to Crank the Rank of your Blog

21 Ways to Crank the Rank of Your Blog

One of the questions people ask me most often is: “How can I get more people to read my blog?” The answer is to make sure they can find it! It takes patience and hard work to ensure that your blog posts come up in the search results. Click To Tweet Thanks to the folks at Visme, I’m […]

How to write blog titles that get the results you need

woman reading a blog

Many factors influence the success of your blog posts, including the value of your content, your writing style, and the strength of your call to action. But no matter how great your post is, you won’t get results if nobody even reads it. Your title, or headline, has a very important role here. Its main […]

Strong habits that will ramp up your blogging

blogging routine

Producing content and sharing it with your audience requires consistent effort on your part. In this post, I’ll share a few different writing habits you can cultivate and practice. The more you write, the better and faster you’ll become. If you find writing arduous, rest assured that the more you do it, the easier it […]

How to manage multiple blogs without going crazy

managing multiple blogs

Managing one blog is time-consuming enough, so why would anyone want to run multiple blogs? Lots of reasons! Maybe you want to have another blog just for fun. Maybe you want to start networking in another industry. Maybe you want to build another revenue stream. Maybe you are a professional blogger that needs to manage […]

Tips for Improving your Blog in 2017


Blogs are always evolving to keep up with trends, readers, and technology. If you’re looking to improve your blog in 2017, it’s best to look at the other successful blogs around the internet and see what’s been working for them. Social media presence, dynamic designs, user friendly updates, and utilizing better photo and video are […]

Organizing a Virtual Team to Build a Better Blog

Are you ready to start building your virtual team?

You know it’s true: you can’t do it all yourself. Even if you spend all your time drinking coffee and holing up in your office blogging, you’ll still reach a point of no return: you’ll get big enough to need some help with creating content, engaging with followers, and building readership. That’s a good thing, […]

2016: The Best of Your Organizing Business

2016: The Best of Your Organizing Business

I’ve recently highlighted this year’s guest bloggers and Professional Organizers Blog Carnival participants, who play a huge role in the success of my blog. Today I’ll complete my year-end review with a round-up of the most popular posts of the year. I’ve broken them down into three categories. Top 5 Blog Carnivals of 2016 Closet […]

How to use inbound marketing and SEO to attract the right clients

inbound marketing and seo

The POC Conference was held in Vancouver a few weeks ago. As I read about the various speakers and other activities, I noticed that Emilio Jose Garcia of KW Professional Organizers was going to be speaking about SEO and Inbound Marketing. I met Emilio when I spoke about social media at the POC Halton-Peel Chapter […]

Create a gravatar and show us your smiling face

no gravatar

I love it when a reader leaves me a comment, especially when their headshot comes up next to it. It’s almost as good as a face-to-face conversation! Instead of a photo, some comments come up with this picture: Since I’d just love to see more of your faces, I thought I’d let you know how to […]

7 Ways to Maximize the Value of Old Content on Your Blog

Maximize The Value Of Old Content On Your Blog

Content isn’t a minor investment for a small business, and the better the content is, the more expensive it’s likely to be. But unlike other forms of promotion — think PPC advertising — an investment in content produces an owned asset. Once you’ve paid for content, it’s yours to do with as you will. Unfortunately, […]

What I’ve Learned in my First 10 Years of Blogging

10 years of blogging

Thank you for joining me today as I celebrate my 10 year blogiversary! Before attending the 2006 POC Conference, I had no interest in blogging. Then I heard one of the speakers say that blogging was fun, easy, and good for business, and that we should all go home and start a blog. She said […]

How Solopreneurs Can Use Omni-Channel Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness

omnichannel marketing

Are you a solopreneur? The term solopreneur has different meanings since it was coined some time ago, but the general definition of the word is a person who runs their business on their own, with no formal employees. This includes freelancers and consultants, a fast-growing segment of the American workforce. One of the most difficult […]

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