Organizing a Virtual Team to Build a Better Blog

Are you ready to start building your virtual team?

You know it’s true: you can’t do it all yourself. Even if you spend all your time drinking coffee and holing up in your office blogging, you’ll still reach a point of no return: you’ll get big enough to need some help with creating content, engaging with followers, and building readership. That’s a good thing, […]

5 perks of running your business with only a few key people

small business organizational chart

Most of us start out as not just the business owner, but the entire staff. If something needs to be done, we do it! Even when things reach the point where you can’t expand your business unless you start building a team, it’s best to limit your staff to a few key people, as Mishka […]

Are you ready to start delegating?

Are you ready to start delegating?

No matter what types of jobs you’ve held in the past, when starting your organizing business, you’ll often find yourself filling the roles of salesperson, customer service rep, webmaster, office manager, and many others. This is a fairly practical solution, as it’s hard to justify paying someone else to perform these functions when you have […]

How To Expand Your Business When You Don’t Want To Give Up Control


Earlier this year, we enjoyed a series of guest posts about the NAPO 2013 Conference. It was so well-received that I put some feelers out to see who might be willing to do something similar for the MARCPO and POC conferences this fall. Today I’m happy to welcome Janet Schiesl, who starts off this new […]

Secrets to Growing Your Organizing Team


When you started your business, you probably had no trouble fitting both your paperwork and your clients into your schedule, but now that things have taken off, you may be thinking about bringing other people on board. Before you take this step, find out what’s involved by reading my interview with Janice Russell, CPO-CD, COC […]

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