5 ways for Professional Organizers to earn extra income

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Last week I offered some tips for creating effective landing pages, to help you sell products on your website. But even if you don’t have the time or inclination to create products yourself, it doesn’t mean your earning potential is limited to the number of client hours you can book. Any or all of the following programs, featured at the NAPO 2014 Organizing Expo, could be a good way for you to earn extra income.

My Wardrobe Genie™

My Wardrobe Genie™

This personal clothing management assistant was created by Susan E. Terkanian to help clients organize their wardrobes at their own pace. It consists of a set of closet dividers, as shown above to easily separate garments the client isn’t ready to make a decision about from items that require mending or alterations, those that need to be ironed, “keepers” and spare hangers. The process of letting go is facilitated by attractively colored “donate” and “discard” bags accompanied by matching labels with affirming messages on them.

Susan is extending to her organizing colleagues the opportunity to purchase My Wardrobe Genie™ at a discounted price. By reselling the product to your clients at regular retail price, or even a little less, you can supplement your organizing fees. (Optionally, if you offer a wardrobe or closet organizing package, you could include My Wardrobe Genie™ in your package and factor the cost into your price.)

Update: This product is no longer available.


Winner of the 2014 NAPO Organizers’ Choice Award for Best Solution for Organizing Information at Home, LifeinCase® is a handy dandy tote with five folders for storing personal, financial, property, medical, and estate documents. The idea is not unique, but it’s one of the best products of this type that I’ve ever seen. It’s water-resistant, durable, and easily portable. To help clients understand what should be kept in the various folders, each one includes a checklist of 10 essential documents.

LifeinCase® offers two different income opportunities:

  1. Purchase 9 or more units at a reduced wholesale price, and resell the products for a profit.
  2. Promote the product on your website with your unique coupon code. Your customers will receive a 10% discount, and you’ll receive a 10% commission.

For further details about the LifeinCase® Affiliate Program, contact Mark Gibson at 978-387-6746.


As you might guess from its name, OrganizedAtoZ.com is not focused on a specific item, but is actually a shopping site, offering over 1500 organizing products from 170 different vendors.

The flyer I picked up at the NAPO Conference indicates that you can earn income through OrganizedAtoZ.com, either by joining their affiliate program or by selling your own products through their website. You can also submit articles for publication in their monthly newsletter.

This information does not appear on their website, so for further details, you should contact owner Becky Esker at 319-395-7477 or Becky@OrganizedAtoZ.com.


No matter how much you advocate disposing of unneeded and unwanted belongings, there are times when a self-storage unit is the only practical solution.

Not only is it useful to be connected to an award-winning company on such occasions, if you’re a NAPO member, you can earn a $50 VISA gift card for every referral to CubeSmart, and your clients can receive a 10% discount.

Sign up for the CubeSmart Referral Rewards Program.


Since HomeZada sponsored the Emergency Preparedness edition of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival last year, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet their rep in person.

Their program for professionals was described in detail in co-founder John Bodrozic’s article, Getting Organized with a Digital Home Profile.

Do you also offer an income opportunity for professional organizers? Feel free to describe it in the comments!

Gravatar mystery man

A former professional organizer, I'm now a Website Design and Care Specialist. I love helping others succeed by sharing the knowledge and insight I’ve gained through marketing my own business for over 15 years! When I’m away from my desk, I enjoy reading, photography, watching movies, and cooking.

Gravatar mystery man

A former professional organizer, I'm now a Website Design and Care Specialist. I love helping others succeed by sharing the knowledge and insight I’ve gained through marketing my own business for over 15 years! When I’m away from my desk, I enjoy reading, photography, watching movies, and cooking.


  1. Avatar Seana Turner on July 2, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Great ideas. I loved learning about all of these at the NAPO conference as well. I’d love to see OrganizedAtoZ get a lot of support because it would be a great resource for us!

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on July 2, 2014 at 11:54 am

      I’ve known about OrganizedAtoZ for a long time, but meeting the new owner was a great reminder to revisit the site, as I didn’t realize just how many products they offer!

  2. Linda Linda on July 3, 2014 at 7:07 am

    Another great affiliate program that many may not know about is MobilLogic. It is a great Saas system not just for business owners (organizers) but also for your clients. What I love about it is that you can use it as an inventory system for your home – enter in “where” your items are located. Putting things in that “special” place is great.But you still have to find them when you need them!

    Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial here. http://logiclink.us/ML-0001C-WEB-469

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on July 3, 2014 at 7:10 am

      Thank you for sharing that, Linda! I’ve been meaning to look into it myself!

  3. Avatar Michael on July 10, 2014 at 12:04 am

    These are great ideas. I feel once the client allows you into their homes, they are more open to additional products that would improve their lives.

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on July 10, 2014 at 6:19 am

      That’s a good point, Michael. It’s also nice to be able to offer products to those who can’t afford the full service package. That way they still get help, and you still make a bit of money – win win!

  4. Avatar Laura Murray on December 11, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Here is a brand new opportunity to earn additional income. Professional organizers can provide media transfer services to their customers and earn significant commissions on the orders. Legacy Republic is the new direct sales arm of the largest media transfer company in the country. As a Legacy Republic rep, you pull together your clients’ old media (VHS tapes, films, slides & more), package it up and ship it for safe and secure processing. The client not only gets their footage back on DVD, they get a private account on the cloud for viewing and sharing their memories.

    Legacy Republic just started in September, so it’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor!

    If anyone is interested in learning more, please email me at lauramrray@legacyrepublicconsulting.com. I would be happy to tell you more about it!

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on December 11, 2014 at 3:03 pm

      Thanks, Laura! There’s definitely a big demand for those services these days!

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