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Computers have become a huge part of our everyday lives, at home as well as at work. They present a whole new organizing challenge, because you can’t sort emails or other electronic files into piles on the table or floor. This month, I’ve invited my readers to share their strategies for using your computer as an organizing tool and for organizing computer files.

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Joining us for the first time this month is Valeri Hall Little with her post, It’s time to do battle with your digital clutter. Please join me in welcoming her to the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival!

Be sure to stop by and connect with our returning participants as well:

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Linda SamuelsDigital Overwhelm & Motivation

Marlene Devine – How to Organize Your Electronic Data (no longer online)

Hazel ThorntonEmail Inbox Zero — Really?

Deb Lee – Simple Tech: Use Instapaper Folders to Organize Saved Web Pages (no longer online)

Lisa MontanaroHow to Survive the Daily E-Mail Attack

Cena Block – Doing Email Doesn’t Make You More Productive

Janice RussellWhat Does Partially Paperless Look Like in Your Home, Battle Plans, Part IV

Samantha Pointer – Surefire Computer Organizing Tips

Deanne KelleherOrganizing Computer Documents – the productivity killer no one wants to discuss

We’re now accepting submissions for the next Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, when our topic will be Organizing the Refrigerator. Posts must be submitted by 10 AM EST on November 12, 2012 to be included.

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