Contact Management for Networking – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

As a business owner, you are hopefully involved with one or more local networking groups, because they’re a great way to build relationships with people with whom you can share ideas, information, and referrals. If keeping track of the people you meet is a challenge, you’ll want to read the excellent contact management tips in this month’s edition of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival.

Contact Management for Networking – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Margarita Ibbott’s Networking at BlissdomCA–5 Tips of Keeping Track of your Contacts was chosen by EasilyDo as the winner of their blog challenge contest! Margarita has won a three-month subscription to EasilyDo Premium.  Congratulations, Margarita!

We have three new participants this month, so please join me in welcoming them:

Melissa Gratias – A Guide to Managing Your Contacts

Debbie Rosemont – 5 Steps to Get Business Cards Organized

Amy Payne – How to Manage Networking Contacts with Evernote

The remaining contributors are all Star Bloggers (who have been in 10+ editions of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival) or Superstar Bloggers (who have been in 25+ editions). It’s always a pleasure to read their posts!

Deanne Kelleher – Networking: Staying in Touch and Staying Organized

Ellen Delap – Organizing Business Contacts

Janice Russell – Six Ways to Organize Business Cards

Laura Wittmann – Organizing Business Cards

It’s not often that one of my own posts fits the theme of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, but this month is an exception. For a few more ideas, feel free to read What Can You Do With All These Business Cards?

Thank you to the participating bloggers for sharing their expertise, and you for reading this post. I hope it has helped you to expand both your knowledge and your network. And of course, I’d also like to thank EasilyDo for sponsoring the Blog Carnival!

Our topic for November will be Holiday Gift Giving, sponsored by WrapiT, and you have from now until 10 AM EST on Wednesday, November 12 to submit your post.

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