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365 Blogging Ideas for Professional Organizers & Productivity Consultants contains one blogging idea for every day of the year, along with helpful tips for using your blog to promote your organizing business and to generate passive income through affiliate programs.

Unless you blog every single day, this will be more than enough ideas to keep you going all year long! And even if you do, you’ll likely find some of the topics broad enough to develop into a series of posts, and others will inspire a few ideas of your own.

Don’t worry that your blog will have the same content as everyone else who purchases the product. When you write as though you were speaking directly to your ideal client and give your posts your own unique flair, you’ll stand out from the crowd and be well on your way to blogging success.

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Janet has put together a comprehensive list of ideas that help you out of your blogging slump. Sometimes with even the best of intentions, we can get a mental block on what we want to write about.

It might not be the whole title that gets your brain moving; it might be just a word. That is how it has started with me; just a word triggered a whole new blog for me this week, after a weekend of back-to-back obligations that left no room for the creative process needed to blog.

If you are struggling to get your blogs started, check out Janet’s list and be inspired.

Jill Robson, Professional Organizer - Life Sorted