Facebook Graph Search: SEO For Your Facebook Page

Most of us are using Facebook for marketing in some capacity and I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty challenging to stay on top of all the changes, never mind familiarize myself with new features. I was therefore more than pleased when Eilidh MacRae offered to fill us in on the new Facebook Graph Search.


Facebook has recently launched ‘graph search’ that allows you to find organisations and people for particular key words. It’s no secret that social media increasingly helps with SEO, but now it is possible to do SEO for your Facebook page as well as using your Facebook page for SEO. Sound confusing? It isn’t really. Basically using social media for SEO and using SEO for Facebook means you will be generating more and more interest in your business. And who can say no to more web traffic?!

Graph Search Explained

Facebook’s new graph search is a way to connect users with other people, organisations, events and brands. Graph search enables users to search for services which friends have used before and also search key words which will bring up all relevant profiles.

At the moment you can only search by name on Facebook, so if you are looking for a company or a person you can only find them if you know their name.

The new graph search means you no longer need a name to find what you are looking for. You can search for related key words and should find what it is you need.

You should all be aware that Facebook already knows a lot about you, how else would it know to advertise ‘amazing low price shoes’ to a shoe lover. It is because of the new graph search that Facebook is making all this information publically accessible in order to bring the best results when searching.

SEO To Maximise Graph Search Results

It is possible to make sure you are being found for relevant search terms in graph search. Although Facebook hasn’t launched graph search yet they have released images and information on how it will work and it’s worth doing SEO for your Facebook page ahead.

Every UK SEO company should be starting to consider Facebook graph search in their campaigns and you should be too.

Firstly you will need to ensure your page is under the right category and subcategories in order to be found when people search for services you offer.

Secondly ensure your address has been entered in as people will be able to carry out local searches.

Next make sure your ‘about us’ section is filled in and includes key words. It is better if these are located at the beginning of the text.

Make sure you are tagged in as many photos as possible. Profiles with more photos will show up higher in searches. Photo descriptions also affect key words; make sure your chosen key words are mentioned in photo descriptions too.

Your URL should also be personalised. Set your company name in your URL to help with both Facebook SEO and search engine SEO.

Facebook aims to provide the best search results, and therefore will display pages that have more interaction and regular updates higher up. Make sure you gain lots of interaction by putting out interesting and helpful updates on a regular basis.

Carrying out all of the above means you will be well prepared when Facebook graph search launches and enable you to make the most of this new and very interesting marketing tool.

Eilidh MacRae works for Marketing By Web, a UK SEO company. 

Image courtesy of marcopako

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