Organizing Closets – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Welcome to the first Professional Organizers Blog Carnival of the new year! In honor of National Clean Out Your Closets Day, I invited my readers to share their posts about organizing closets, and the response has been amazing.

organized closet

Please join me in welcoming the following new participants:

Rashelle IsipOrganizing Tip: “Vacation” Your Closet!

Jill AnnisCloset Organization for a Client

Nadine McCoy – Closet Organization Step by Step – Timeless, accessible and easy to implement for everyone (no longer online)

Helena AlkhasCloset Organizing Tips for the Busy Mom

Heather Cameron – Room to Grow: 4 Organization Tips for Kids’ Clothes (no longer online)

Why not stop by their blogs, introduce yourself, and let them know you found them through the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival!

But don’t go away yet – there are 21 more blog posts for you to read, from professional organizers from Canada, the USA, and even Australia!

Stacey Murray – Post-Baby Clothing Purge

Jeri DanskyBefore and After: More Closet Organizing, with Kittens

Audrey Cupo – it’s not like me to vent, but…

Cindy KammWhat Not to Wear & Wardrobe Organizing

Deanne Kelleher5 Tips for Closet Organizing as seen on City Line

Janice RussellThe First Step in Getting Organized

Samantha Pointer – Closet Organization: The Truth About Your Clothes (no longer online)

Sue BeckerEliminate Linen Closet Chaos

Tracy HothOrganizing Your Closet: Try This New Approach

Angela Esnouf – One In One Out

Marlene Devine – Controlling Your Clutter – How to Organize Your Closet (no longer online)

Natalie Conrad – My Closet Transformation, Part 1 (no longer online)

Linda VanderkolkA Closet Makeover

Linda Samuels – Professional Organizer’s Insider Guide to Organizing Your Closet (no longer online)

Korinne Kubena BelockThe Great Closet Purge of 2011

Moreen Torpy – Upgrade Closet Doors for Better Organizing

Jonda BeattieLiving Room Closet revisited

Ramona CreelCreating The Perfect Closet

Clare KumarFour Ways Pliio Clothing Filers Put You In Control of Your Closet

Ellen DelapOrganize Your Closet

Debbie PendellOrganizing Closets

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival.

We are now accepting submissions for February’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, when our topic will be Success. You’ll need to submit your post by 10 AM EST on Monday, February 11 in order to be included.

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