Organizing for the Holidays – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or the Winter Solstice, there’s no question that holidays are more enjoyable when you have systems in place to minimize stress. This month’s  Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, sponsored by ListPlanIt, contains tips from 34 organizing experts, so grab a cup of eggnog and prepare to get organized!

Organizing for the Holidays – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

This is one of our biggest Blog Carnivals to date, but please take a moment to welcome our three new participants:

Danielle Lescure – Happy Holidays the Organized Way

Christine Salberg – Christmas Holiday Planning Made Easy for You

Becca Clark – Store Your Decor

Congratulations are in order, as we also have two new Professional Organizers Blog Carnival Star Bloggers:

Sue Becker – Minimize Holiday Stress

Samantha Pointer-Foxx – Having A Hassle Free Holiday

You’ll definitely want to bookmark this page so you don’t miss a single post!

Rashelle Isip – Time Management Tip: How To Manage Your Time During The Holiday Season

Clare Kumar – Hauling Away the Holidays

Melinda Massie – Start Organizing Now for a Less-Stress Holiday Season

Nancy Borg – How Are You Managing the Holiday Havoc?

Seana Turner – Help! The Holidays Are Coming

Jacquie Ross – Holiday Planning on a Budget

Lisa Mallis – De-Stress The Holidays – Step #1 Envision

Ellen Delap – Holiday Organizing Tips And Holiday Time Line

Hazel Thornton – Org4life Holiday Roundup

Deanne Kelleher – Chaos to Calm for the Holidays

Wendy Hollick – 15 Tips for the Holiday Season (no longer online)

Andi Willis – Organizing Your Holiday Decorations

Ramona Creel – Take A Deep Breath And Remember Your Holiday Priorities

Linda Samuels – 5 Tips for More “Happy” in Holiday

Janine Adams – Keep it simple and give clutter-free gifts

Janice Simon – The Gravy Dilemma

Stacey Agin Murray – Helpful Organizing Tip – Prevent Parking Lot Panic

Audrey Cupo – Organize The Fridge Before Thanksgiving

Sara Skillen – The Thanksgiving Sushi, and Other Holiday Peacemakers

Chrissy Halton – What are your Christmas Traditions?

Linda Clevenger – Avoid Stress this Holiday Season

Margarita Ibbott – Holiday Organizing 101

Janet Baker – Getting Organized for the Holidays is Easier with Paper Tiger

Tracy K. Pierce – Holiday Survival Guide

Moreen Torpy – Organizing Christmas: an Oxymoron? (no longer online)

Janice Russell – Set the Stage for Organized Holidays

Blanka Smetana – Make Room for Santa (no longer online)

Cena Block – Time Saving Holiday Meal Tips for Busy Moms

Angela Esnouf – Welcome Guests

Thanks again to everyone who shared their expertise in this Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, and to ListPlanIt for their sponsorship.

We’re doing something a little bit different next month, so be sure to read about our Very Special Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, sponsored by OfficeCandy.

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