Product Review: BusyBodyBook Organizers

People who are loyal to a particular brand of calendar have probably already purchased their refill or planner for 2012, but others are still looking for one that will meet their needs. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring several different products to help you guide your clients in their decision-making.

BusyBodyBook Personal & Family Grid Organizer cover

Last year, I was sent a review copy of the BusyBodyBook Personal & Family Grid Organizer (read my review here), and it worked so well for me that I didn’t think twice before ordering a new one for next year. It arrived quickly and in good condition, and I’m delighted to see that it’s the same high quality as this year’s edition. In fact, I like it a little better, because they’ve changed the color of the inside pages from bright green to a more muted brown shade, as shown below:

BusyBodyBook Personal & Family Grid Organizer inside pages

Along with my order, Joan Goldner, who developed the BusyBodyBook, was kind enough to send me a BusyBodyBook Wall Calendar as well as a 7-column BusyBodyBook Undated Weekly Grid Pad. The concept is essentially the same as the Personal & Family Grid Organizer, except that these two products have seven columns instead of five.

The Undated Weekly Grid Pad, shown below, includes an additional “notes” column for recording tasks or other items that don’t need to be scheduled for a particular day. Each pad includes 52 pages, enough for a full year, unless you decide to use it for multiple purposes. Possible uses include family activities, meal planning, team planning… you name it! There’s a magnetic strip on the back so it can be posted on the fridge or filing cabinet, and it is three-hole punched for those who prefer to place it in a binder.

7-column BusyBodyBook Undated Weekly Grid Pad

The Wall Calendar combines the layout of the Undated Weekly Grid Pad with the construction of the Personal & Family Grid Organizer. Unlike traditional wall calendars, there is no artwork. Instead, you have the option of viewing two weeks at a time, or saving wall space by displaying just one week. On the Wall Calendar, the notes section is moved to the bottom of the page, where you can also view mini-calendars for last month, this month, and next month at a glance.

BusyBodyBook Wall Calendar

These are really outstanding calendars for a very reasonable price, and would be suitable for organizing families or other groups as well as students, entrepreneurs, and other individuals with multiple roles or activities to manage. All products are available online via the BusyBodyBook website.

A former professional organizer, I’m now a web designer and DIY marketing facilitator. I love helping others succeed by sharing the knowledge and insight I’ve gained through marketing my own business for over 15 years! When I’m away from my desk, I enjoy reading, photography, watching movies, and cooking.

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  1. Can this organizer be converted into a phone application? Schedules and even task are made easier for this application. Just like any other calendar junkies we wish to have it on mobile phones as applications for easy browsing.

  2. I have used the BusyBodyBook organizer for years. I am looking for a 2013 book but have been unable to locate one. I have tried going to but receive the message server not found. Do you have any information on this? Thanks.

  3. I’ve been using the Busy Body Book for years and love it. Starting looking to order the 2013 but I am seeing some comments about the developer being retired and the BBB will no longer be available. Is this true ???

    going thur Busy Body Book 2013 withdraw.

  4. What a disaster if the BBB has stopped production. Surely a sensible business would buy it as the BusyBody Book cannot be beaten and was absolutely fantastic. Please bring it back. Nothing beats the BBB

  5. I am looking too!!! My sis in law bought one for me years ago and I have been hooked every since. What a shame! HOW WILL I FUNCTION??? ha ha…

    • It just amazes me that someone with what is obviously a unique and very popular product would stop producing it. Everyone deserves to retire, but surely she could have found someone else to buy the business!

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