Shelf Scouter Attends NAPO2015 to Learn From the Industry’s Best

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reading about the experiences of various NAPO members who attended this year’s Conference. Today we’ll hear from Lindsay Fairman, creator of Shelf Scouter, who attended as an exhibitor and new corporate partner.

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Have you ever had the feeling that you’re exactly where you belong? The feeling that you’ve found “your people”? You know, the people who really understand you. This is exactly how the Shelf Scouter crew felt the moment we arrived at NAPO2015.

After joining NAPO only a month before the conference, we were invited to attend as vendors. While we were excited to show off all the great features Shelf Scouter has to offer, we were even more excited to learn about the world of organizing. And who better to learn from than the industry leader?

We’ve always considered Shelf Scouter to be an organizational tool, but we didn’t know about the diverse, driven group of people behind the scenes – the ones who spend the majority of their time organizing other people’s everyday lives. And we have a new respect for the amount of work and creativity it takes to be a professional organizer.

Wednesday night, while chatting with new and old friends, fueled by the excitement of what the next day had to offer, so many unbelievably friendly and informative women spoke with us about Shelf Scouter. This is when we really started to feel like we were exactly where we belonged – as we began forming new relationships with professional organizers, board members, and other vendors.

We spent Thursday speaking with many more women and men who shared a common passion for helping others. For us the day wasn’t about selling, but making real connections, getting feedback from industry leaders and sharing our mission: to make the lives of our users more organized so they have the free time to enjoy the activities or family time they may be missing out on. As we spoke with more organizers, we knew we’d found the best group to help Shelf Scouter improve our solution so users spend less time grocery shopping.

After having discussions with various organizers about their distinct niches in the professional organizing community, we were amazed to learn about all the different types of people organizers help including digital, physical, lifestyle, coaching, concierge, and chronic disorganization. Realizing we could be of assistance to many of the people we spoke with, we were excited for the workshops to learn even more.

Friday we attended NAPO as corporate members and joined a wide range of sessions, from the NAPO Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) and “Using Technology to Increase Productivity and Profitability” by Kim Oser to “What’s ADHD Got To Do With It?” by Laurie Dupar. Each session was extremely informative and helped us more deeply understand what our new-found friends do each day. We saw many familiar faces from the exhibit halls, and the professional organizers continued to be welcoming and open to sharing their experiences with us.

We met many more people on Friday and Saturday in the workshops and over lunch and everyone was open to discussing Shelf Scouter and the various ways it would help their personal and professional life. NAPO2015 was an awesome experience for Shelf Scouter. We were overjoyed with the insight shared from the industry’s best, yet we were even more pleased with the inviting and friendly atmosphere. We can’t wait to attend in Atlanta next year!

Lindsay Fairman

Lindsay is the creator of Shelf Scouter, a consumer grocery organization solution. She combined her experience as an engineer with her challenges as a mother to create Shelf Scouter following eight years of enterprise system design.


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience at NAPO 2015. We loved learning more about the industry and receiving feedback to improve our product. We are already planning our trip to Atlanta next year!

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