ADHD – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

October is international ADHD Awareness Month, full of education about this neurodevelopmental disorder. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, have ADHD-like symptoms, or have clients with ADHD, you’ll find learning about specialized organizational strategies to be very beneficial. Our sponsor for this month’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival is Sue West, Productivity & ADHD Coach, and author of “You Are Not…

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Tips for Working with Clients with ADHD

Some clients are really easy to work with. Although they’re naturally organized, they occasionally need assistance getting back on track. Other clients are more difficult to help, especially if you don’t understand their unique challenges. I’ve invited Sue Becker, CPO-CD® and ADHD Specialist, to share some of the strategies that have enabled her to support her clients effectively. Have you…

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ADD/ADHD – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

A little bird told me that this is ADHD Awareness Month, a public awareness campaign designed to inform people about ADHD, its signs and symptoms, its treatment, and its impact. Since many organizers help clients who have this disorder, I thought I’d do my bit for the cause by dedicating this month’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival to this important topic.