Get Your Small Business’ Goals Back on Track This Year

If you’re a small business owner you’d probably agree that managing existing profits and processes is challenging enough. But how do you turn your small business passion project into profits? We’re discussing five areas that require special attention when you’re re-organizing your focus and working on growing your business. Financial Management and Tax Prep Your small business is more than…

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4 Surprising Ways Gift Cards Can Increase Margins for Professional Organizers

It’s been more than 5 years since Janet Barclay wrote The Pros and Cons of Offering Gift Certificates for Organizing Services which covered some of the ethical and business considerations associated with offering gift cards as a professional organizer. That article, which is still relevant today, generated a lengthy discussion in the comments section about some of the downsides of…

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Helping Clients Fall In Love With Your Services

It costs much more to land a new client than it does to retain an existing one. Depending on who you ask, the additional cost may be anywhere from three to thirty times as much, but there’s no questioning the value of customer retention. Neerav Mehta has applied his commitment to client satisfaction to successfully grow his San Francisco-based Drupal development firm, Red…

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10 tips for a successful organizing business

To be a successful organizing coach or consultant, you need knowledge, a passion for imparting that knowledge to others, and basic business skills. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve talked about a number of resources for professional development and networking to help you attain those skills. Today I’m happy to share my top tips to help you start and…

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4 Ways to Build Better Client Relationships

As International Customer Loyalty Month, April is a great time to focus on the clients who recommend you to others or use your services on a regular basis. They are the life blood of your business! To generate even more repeat business and referrals, you owe it to yourself to establish stronger relationships with all of your clients.

Providing Excellent Customer Service To Less Than Perfect Clients

Last week, we read some valuable tips for communicating effectively with your clients. But how do you handle it when your client is unreasonable, argumentative, or even abusive? Hopefully you’ll never be in that situation, but study the ideas in today’s post and you’ll be prepared if and when it happens.

5 Ways to Handle Slow Seasons Effectively

You have more options than you might think to help your business when the work is not just rolling in. Last week I described some of the strategies that will likely hurt your business in the long run, and in this post I present some better options. Use one at a time or more than one, depending on your available…

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