Be wary of mixing pleasure with business

Most of my clients use PayPal or email transfer to pay their invoices, but some prefer to pay by check. Sometimes I receive one from a client’s personal account, or even a joint account with their spouse. Today Kimberley Laws will explain why this isn’t a good practice and how to keep your business and personal finances separate. You don’t…

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5 perks of running your business with only a few key people

Most of us start out as not just the business owner, but the entire staff. If something needs to be done, we do it! Even when things reach the point where you can’t expand your business unless you start building a team, it’s best to limit your staff to a few key people, as Mishka Tolentino explains.

Top 5 Apps for Business Coaches and Consultants

Deb Lee knows more about the latest technologies and tools than anyone else I know, so I was thrilled when she offered to stop by and tell us about some of the best apps for business. I’m going to be her guest this week too, so be sure to read right through to the end of her post for details…

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