Preparing for the Future of Your Website

Planning a Website the Organized Way is a lot of work, and many people look forward with eager anticipation to the day their new website is launched and they can just forget about it. Technical Updates Your WordPress site needs to be updated on a regular basis so you can take advantage of new features and, more importantly, to keep…

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Signing on with a Web Hosting Company

This week we’re going to take a break from planning your website’s message and design, to focus on some important technical issues. Just as files are stored on your personal computer, every website must be stored on a computer on the Internet. You need to purchase this service from a hosting company – think of it as renting a home…

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WordPress Security and You

When it comes to website security, I’ve heard everything from “I’m not really worried about security. Why would anyone want to hack into a professional organizer’s website?” to “I don’t want to use WordPress – it’s always getting hacked!” Let me start by saying that neither assumption is correct. Hacking isn’t limited to major corporations who store credit card numbers…

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How Secure Are Your Passwords? [infographic]

In last week’s post, Christopher Wallace shared some valuable information about online security, including the importance of making sure your online passwords can’t easily be guessed by others. Unfortunately, many people still take this subject lightly.

Five Tips for Protecting Your Privacy On the Web

For most of us, the internet is now our primary method of communicating with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Although sometimes it seems like privacy is a thing of the past, it’s crucial that we never let our guard down. My guest today, Christopher Wallace, has some important advice to help us keep our information and our accounts secure.

Tips for Securing Your Online Accounts

If you use Twitter or Facebook, you’re probably aware that there are several different attacks circulating right now. You can often tell that someone’s been hit when you receive an unusual message from them. These messages are usually about making money online, but may also relate to losing weight, gaining followers, or something else that is out of character for that person.