Should I Charge for Travel Time and Expenses?

As a professional organizer, you probably spent a fair bit of time figuring out how much to charge for your services, whether to bill by the hour or the project, and whether or not to offer free consultations. An equally important decision is whether to bill for the time you spend travelling to your clients’ location and any expenses you…

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Checklists and Contracts and Agreements – Oh my!

It’s amazing how many different forms you need in order to operate a professional organizing business! Some are just for your own use, such as client information sheets, assessment forms, and checklists. Others, such as invoices and letters of agreement, communicate important information to your clients.

Getting Paid for Your Services

A reader sent me the following question: There are a decent number of people in my town with good income, but the majority are low income, and I am concerned with getting paid. How do you go about getting a deposit up front? Is there some way to ensure that you get paid for your services?

What is SOP, and do I need it?

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedures, and it’s something every business needs, even one-person, home-based businesses. It may cover financial issues, including deposits and cancellation fees; branding issues, such as how the telephone is answered and what font is used in correspondence; administrative issues, including the forms and checklists you use internally and when working with clients; and much more….

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