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I just spent a week at a cottage, and it was so relaxing – just what I needed. Reading the submissions to this month’s Blog Carnival, all about travel, really helped me not just to prepare for my trip, but to get me completely psyched for my week away, and I hope they’ll inspire you too. This issue of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival has been sponsored by Pliio™ Clothing Filers.


I’d like to start with a shout-out to the newest Superstar Blogger, Linda Samuels, whose Summer Organizing post marks her 25th time in the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival. I’d also like to congratulate Tracy K. Pierce for becoming a Star Blogger with Packing: How Do You Get Organized for Travel? being her 10th time in the Carnival. Put your hands together for these dedicated bloggers!

Please join me in welcoming the following newcomers to the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival:

Chrissy HaltonHow to make returning from holidays easier

Nancy HaworthSummer Road Trip Planning

Sara SkillenPlanes, Trains and Automobiles

Linda ClevengerStaying Organized On Vacation

Don’t go away yet – here are 25 more travel-related blog posts for you to read. You’ll find tips for planning trips and packing, recommended products to keep you organized while traveling, and much more.

Travel – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Melinda MassieOrganizing Benefit: Quick and Easy Travel

Andi WillisTravel Tips Roundup

Rashelle IsipOrganizing Tip: From Point A to Point B and Beyond

Linda VanderkolkOrganizing Tips for Travel

Janet Schiesl10 Tips to Travel Like a Pro

Audrey Cupo – Making a List and Checking it Twice

Natalie Conrad7 Packing Tips to Keep You Organized

Clare KumarTen Tips for Trouble-Free Travel

Sue BeckerSimplify Your Return From Vacation

Ramona CreelSimplified Eating While You Travel

Lisa MontanaroBon Voyage: Organized Travel Planning

Helena Alkhas – Top Tips for Traveling with Kids (no longer available)

Hazel ThorntonThere’s No Place Like Home

Ellen DelapTravel Time Organized

Janice RussellAddicted to Splash

Nancy BorgA Great Find…and Hopefully a Keeper

Laura WittmannA Simple Inexpensive Travel Jewelry Organizer

Janine AdamsBuilding ease into a trip

Korinne Kubena BelockFour Steps to an Organized Trip

Julie BestryOrganize Your Travel Documents

Stacey Agin Murray – Cool Product Nalgene Leakproof Bottles

Cindy KammOrganizing Travel Documents

Blanka Smetana – Travelling with Kids – 6 Tips to Make Your Trip Stress Free  (no longer available)

Margarita Ibbott9/11 Memorial – Lessons for our Children

Jonda BeattieOrganizing For Spring Break

Thank you to all participants for sharing your tips, and a special thank you to Pliio™ Clothing Filers for sponsoring the Travel issue of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival.

The sponsorship for next month is available, when our topic will be Morning Routines, and you have until 10 AM EDT on Monday, August 12, 2013 to submit your post. We’ve just streamlined our website and hope you’ll find it much easier to participate in the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival and to find the information you’re looking for. Your feedback is welcome!

A former professional organizer, I’m now a Web Designer and Care Plan Specialist. I love helping others succeed by sharing the knowledge and insight I’ve gained through marketing my own business for over 15 years! When I’m away from my desk, I enjoy reading, photography, watching movies, and cooking.

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  1. So many great travel blogs and travel tips! In my opinion, there can never really be too many blogs providing good travel tips for individuals and families alike. A lot of the travel blogs that are made by people sharing their adventures on the internet are also just a great way to experience the world without breaking the bank. Thanks for putting this together!

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