Book Review: “How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer

One of the major roles of the professional organizer is helping clients decide which objects or activities deserve a place in their life, where they should fit them in, which ones they should let go, and how that will take place. It’s helpful, therefore, to have a good understanding of your clients’ decision-making process.

How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer is a fascinating look at this subject. Although it has a scientific foundation (Lehrer majored in neuroscience at Columbia University), you don’t have to be a scientist to understand and appreciate it.

Through various illustrations of the decision-making process, Lehrer demonstrates the ways that the human brain taps into its rational and emotional sides in different scenarios, ranging from choosing a healthy or unhealthy snack to making an emergency landing while flying an airplane. Some depict real-life situations, such as the thought processes that a World Series of Poker champion goes through, whereas others were experiments which were staged for the purpose of examining how individuals would react.

I received the book as a gift from my sister, after hearing me complain about how hard it is for me to make minor decisions. It’s definitely not a self-help book, and that wasn’t her intention, but one thing I took away from it was that it’s okay to follow my feelings when making decisions, even though my personality type preference is Thinking.

If you like to read and you’re looking for a change from organizing strategies, I would definitely recommend How We Decide.

What other non-organizing books have you found helpful to your client work?


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