They Left Us Everything, by Plum Johnson [Book Review]

family history

I recently read They Left Us Everything, and it appealed to me on many levels. It takes place in Oakville, Ontario, which is located between Etobicoke, where I grew up, and Hamilton, where I live now, so it’s familiar territory. The author’s description of her relationship with her late mother was compelling. It was different […]

How to gain more clients with an organizing party

organizing party

There are a lot of Christmas parties and other festivities happening this month, but my guest today is going to tell us about a different type of party altogether. If you’re looking for new ideas for your organizing business, you’ll want to read about Kate Martin’s organizing parties! Some people would rather go to the hospital […]

Learn more about Organizing for Personality Types

personality type and organizing style resources

Over the past two-and-a-half months, I’ve shared with you pretty well everything I know about personality type and how it influences an individual’s relationship with time and space. For your convenience, here’s a recap of the entire series: Learn About Organizing for Personality Types How does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® work? Helping your clients identify […]

Helping your clients identify their personal time management style

Professional organizer interviewing client

As a professional organizer, you know that time management and organization are very closely connected. A client who hires you to organize their space will nearly always end up spending less time finding things and putting them away. However, when a client needs help specifically with time management, the Organizing Assessment Questions I suggested last week will not be […]

Helping your clients identify their personal organizing style

client interview

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been talking about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and how your client’s personality type affects their relationship with time and space. It’s quite fascinating, but even if you become trained to administer the MBTI, simply telling your client, “your type is ENFP” isn’t going to be terribly helpful. Whether […]

ESFP Organizing Profile

ESFP Organizing Style

Today I’m presenting the 16th and last of my personality type based organizing profiles. Some of you may be relieved, but if you’ve been lapping these up, you’ll be glad to know that I have a few more resources to share with you before wrapping up the series. This post looks at ESFP, which stands […]

ESTP Organizing Profile

ESTP Organizing Style

Today we look at the organizing style for ESTP, which stands for Extraverted – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving. If these terms are new to you, you’ll find it helpful to read How does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® work? before continuing with this post. ESTP Organizing Strengths Individuals who prefer Perceiving seek to experience life rather than […]

ISFP Organizing Profile

ISFP Organizing Style

Following Monday’s post on the ISTP Organizing Profile, today we will look at ISFP. ISFP stands for Introverted – Sensing – Feeling – Perceiving. ISFP Organizing Strengths ISFPs often have their own creative way of organizing things. Click To Tweet They thrive on spontaneity, appreciate living one day at a time, and work well in a crisis situation. ISFP Organizing Challenges ISFPs […]

ISTP Organizing Profile

ISTP Organizing Style

Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted organizing profiles for 12 personality types, covering the SJ, NT and NF types. Today we begin our look at the SP types, starting with ISTP. ISTP stands for Introverted – Sensing – Thinking – Perceiving. These terms are explained in How does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® work? ISTP Organizing Strengths Although they don’t usually […]

ENFP Organizing Profile

ENFP Organizing Style

I’m back with the next installment of my series on personality type and organizing style. Today’s post looks at ENFP, which stands for Extraverted – Intuitive – Feeling – Perceiving. ENFP Organizing Strengths Individuals with ENFP type preferences typically have an effective calendar system, although the type of system preferred varies. ENFP Organizing Challenges Time management appears to be […]

INFP Organizing Profile

INFP Organizing Style

I am absolutely thrilled at the response to this series so far! If you’re just jumping in, I suggest that you go back and read Learn About Organizing for Personality Types and How does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® work? for background information. INFP stands for Introverted – Intuitive – Feeling – Perceiving. INFP Organizing Strengths Individuals with INFP type preferences typically use […]

ENFJ Organizing Profile

ENFJ Organizing Style

Today we continue our look at the organizing styles of the 16 personality types, with the ENFJ Organizing Profile. ENFJ stands for stands for Extraverted – Intuitive – Feeling – Judging. If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series, I encourage you to go back and begin with Learn About Organizing for Personality Types. ENFJ Organizing Strengths ENFJs tend to be […]

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