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As I mentioned last week, speaking with vendors at the Organizing Expo was one of the highlights of attending the recent NAPO Conference. There were so many booths that I wasn’t able to visit them all, but I was impressed with those I did. Today I’m going to share the information I received about various training and coaching programs for professional organizers and other small business owners.

NAPO 2014 Organizing Expo

LMG University

Lisa Montanaro has been featured here on Your Organizing Business a number of times, as a Professional Organizers Blog Carnival Superstar Blogger, as a guest blogger, and as the founder of LMG University (LMGU), so it was wonderful to finally meet her face to face!

LMGU offers a number of programs that are suitable for both professional organizers and non-organizers. Coming up are:

Lisa also offers private coaching, either as a standalone service or as an add-on to any of her group programs.

Elizabeth Hagen Enterprises

Elizabeth Hagen is also well-known around here, since Pam Bowers guest blogged about her session on 30 Ideas for Business Success at last year’s NAPO Conference. Since reading Pam’s article, I’ve listened to some of Elizabeth’s teleclasses and received one of her complementary coaching sessions, and I was blown away by her insight, information, and ideas. In addition to one-on-one coaching and group programs, she offers self-study programs and a live weekend event for business women in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I met several of Elizabeth’s clients over lunch, and they all confirmed that she is a fantastic business coach.

Coach Approach for Organizers

The Coach Approach for Organizers has also been covered here, in a guest post by Sue West from 2009. In addition to Organizer Coach Foundation Training, the Institute for Applied Coaching now offers the following credentials for Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists, which have been approved by the International Coach Foundation:

  • Certified Organizer Coach (COC)
  • Professional Certified Organizer Coach (PCOC)
  • Certified ADHD Organizer Coach (CAOC)
  • Certified Productivity Leadership Coach (CPLC)

Full details of the above programs, including course dates, are available on their website.

The Inside Out School of Organizing

Anyone who’s interested in learning about organizing, whether as a professional or for personal application, has probably read at least one of Julie Morgenstern’s books.

Through the Julie Morgenstern Organizing Institute, Julie has been offering cutting-edge training courses for new and experienced professional organizers for many years. Now she’s taken things to a whole new level by launching the Inside Out School of Organizing. With web-based programs, you no longer have to go to New York City to attend – plus you can apply for one or more of four certifications!

The summer sessions have already been sold out, but you can contact Julie for information about these upcoming programs:

  • Time Management Coaching from the Inside Out – 16 week program, starting September 4, 2014 or February 12, 2015
  • Organizing Clients from the Inside Out – 14 week program, starting September 15, 2014 or January 20, 2015 (This program includes a three-day Learning Lab and two-day Field Shadowing, both in New York City.)

When you do, be sure to tell her I sent you!

eSMMART2.0 Senior Move Management Training

I had an interesting conversation with eSMMART President Margit Novack, who’s been a Senior Move Manager since 1996. The Founding President of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), who also host an annual conference, she’s been committed to expanding the industry’s professionalism through training and education since 1999.

eSMMART is a web-based training program for Senior Move Managers, Professional Organizers, Stagers, Realtors, and other professionals who work with older adults. After completing the nine-course curriculum, you’ll receive a Certificate in Senior Move Management (cSMM).

Organize Enterprise

Organize Enterprise offers a four-day live training and certification event, which covers business basics as well as both residential and corporate organizing. What makes this program unique is that you’ll be able to offer your clients a seven-year “stays organized” guarantee.

Based in Utah, the next class starts on July 8, 2014, but you can arrange for training in your local area as long as you have at least six participants.

With so many programs being offered online, it’s great to know that live training for professional organizers is still available!

The Solopreneur Specialist

As The Solopreneur Specialist, Certified Professional Organizer© Elaine Quinn offers a range of coaching and consulting programs ranging from her 90-minute “Pick My Brain” session to her “Smart Start” Mentoring program, which includes ten 90-minute sessions scheduled according to your timetable.

To get a taste of Elaine’s work, check out her book, There’s No Place Like Working from Home or test your solopreneur skills by completing her free online assessment.

Clear & Simple Training

If self-study is more your style, Clear & Simple’s Professional Organizer Training Program may be right for you. Level One provides 30 hours of training, including a manual, audio instruction, and industry-specific forms and examples. Level Two is a certification program which will be available starting July 15, 2014.

The content of this post is for information purposes only, and you are encouraged to conduct your own research before signing up for any coaching or training program.

A former professional organizer, I’m now a Web Designer and Care Plan Specialist. I love helping others succeed by sharing the knowledge and insight I’ve gained through marketing my own business for over 15 years! When I’m away from my desk, I enjoy reading, photography, watching movies, and cooking.

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  1. Such great offerings at #NAPO2014! Thanks for supporting our organizing peeps and sharing their programs. =) Now, if only I were there, SOHO Tech Training could have had a spot in your post! 😉

  2. Janet –

    Thanks so much for highlighting my private business coaching for organizers and online group coaching programs through LMG University. The Expo was fabulous, as always! It is so wonderful seeing so many quality programs, services and offerings for organizers to up-level their businesses these days. I am in great company!

    And so lovely to finally meet you in person! 🙂

    Warmly – Lisa

  3. Janet-
    On behalf of Denslow, Andrea Sharb and the rest of the team, I want to thank you for mentioning Coach Approach for Organizers Coach Training. These are exciting times for us. In addition to being recognized by the International Coach Federation, we are very excited to be adding Ellen Faye and Casey Moore to our productivity and leadership program mentioned above. Programs like the CPLC all begin with our introductory course – Coaching Essentials. Andrea and I teach one starting the 25th. One spot to fill! Thanks!

    Cam Gott
    Coach Approach for Organizers

  4. Janet, thank you so very much for this comprehensive blog-post. A fabulous resource.

    Yes, Cam’s right. Our 8-week, intro coach training telecourse, Coaching Essentials, starts soon. FYI, it’s offered three times a year. Whether one is looking for solid basic coaching skills to start using right away, additional focus/income-stream for your business or a substantial certification, you start there. Our advanced courses are now open to organizer and ADHD coaches trained elsewhere (as well as to our graduates, of course).

    I love having Coach Approach training listed among this wonderful list of training programs. It’s a testament to our industry that we have so many beginner and advanced training options. You’ve sparked some great option for your readers and I love imagining them considering their options to grow personally and professionally, offering even more value to their clients.

    Oh — I didn’t see Marla Dee’s, Clear and Simple (www, Professional Organizer training there but I know I saw Marla at the conference at some point.

    • Denslow, thanks for mentioning Clear and Simple. I did visit their booth, but the material I picked up didn’t mention the training program, so I overlooked it when I was writing this post. It’s now been added.

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