Exciting Changes at Your Organizing Business

When I launched Your Organizing Business, it was a standalone blog. A few years later, I incorporated it into my main website, OrganizedAssistant.com. Since then, I’ve been pleased to make Your Organizing Business into a valuable resource for readers both inside and outside the organizing industry. The downside is that there’s so much content here that it’s overwhelming. Even I…

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4 Tips for Promoting Your Blog

Not everyone who reads your blog is going to become a client. In fact, most probably won’t. For this reason, you need to proactively work on driving new traffic to your blog. Promoting individual blog posts via social media and email is important, but there are many other ways to attract new visitors to your blog. Here are just a…

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How to benefit from blogging – even if you don’t have a blog

I’ve recommended blogging for business for many years, and these blogging statistics reported by Scott McKelvey confirm that it is indeed an effective marketing strategy. But if you don’t think blogging is for you, or you’re not ready to commit to maintaining your own blog, there are still a number of ways you can increase your online presence through other…

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How to land guest blogging opportunities

Has someone invited you to be a guest blogger? Go for it! Guest blogging is a great way to get your name in front of potential clients, joint venture partners, and media representatives who may not yet know about you and your organizing business. But you don’t have to wait for an invitation – sometimes you have to make the…

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The Top 3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Blog

Do you regularly blog as a way of marketing your organizing business? Good for you! If not, what’s holding you back? Is it lack of time? Lack of ideas? Lack of confidence in your writing abilities? Maybe you’re just a little intimidated by the technology of blogging. But none of these issues needs to prevent you from having a great…

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Guest Bloggers: Who, Why and How

Earlier this year, we looked at a few ways to find blogs who welcome submissions from others, as well as the benefits you can receive by writing guest posts. But what about the other way around? Is there any advantage to inviting others to write for your blog?

How to Find Great Guest Blogging Opportunities

In last week’s post, I gave you 6 Reasons to be a Guest Blogger. Now that I’ve (hopefully) convinced you that it’s worth your while, this week I’ll keep my promise of letting you know where you can find potential hosts, and how to approach them.

6 Reasons to be a Guest Blogger

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that once a month or so, I welcome a guest blogger. It’s usually a professional organizer, but may be anyone who is able to share some insight on a topic of interest to my audience, often one I don’t feel qualified to cover myself. In fact, guest blogging is…

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