Organizing and Social Media – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

What’s social media got to do with organizing? Quite a lot, if you think about it. Consider these examples: You can use Pinterest to organize ideas and projects. You can organize your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms by making use of the list feature. Social media is often seen as a productivity killer. And that’s just off the…

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The Best Social Media Platforms for Building Your Business

Developing a social media marketing strategy is an important step that many of us just skip over in our haste to get started. Instead of identifying the best social media platforms for our business, we just dive in. “People are in such a hurry to launch their product or business that they seldom look at marketing from a bird’s eye…

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How to use Pinterest to maximize your blogging

It doesn’t seem like people are talking about Pinterest as much as they did when it first came out, or has it become such a household word that we don’t notice it anymore? It certainly hasn’t dropped in importance in terms of search engine optimization. In fact, it’s been one of the top three sources of traffic to my blog…

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Digging into blogging, Pinterest, podcasting and video marketing

The first half of Week 3 of the Social Media Success Summit offered an in-depth look at two social marketing platforms that I’ve been using for some time: blogging and Pinterest.  Later in the week, the focus moved to podcasting and video marketing, neither of which is in my current arsenal, resulting in a very different learning experience!

4 Tips for Promoting Your Blog

Not everyone who reads your blog is going to become a client. In fact, most probably won’t. For this reason, you need to proactively work on driving new traffic to your blog. Promoting individual blog posts via social media and email is important, but there are many other ways to attract new visitors to your blog. Here are just a…

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The Power of Pinterest

Since I wrote Are You Pinteresting?, I’ve enjoyed following many professional organizers on the ever-popular social network, including Cindy Kamm. In fact, I fall in love with nearly every outfit, recipe, and dog that she pins! Cindy has joined us today with her tips for using the power of Pinterest to market your organizing business.

Social Media Q&A

It was such an honor to be invited to speak at POC’s Halton-Peel Chapter Meeting last week! Since the Q&A portion of a presentation is often the most valuable, I decided to devote the entire session to answering the group’s questions about social media. I’ve posted those questions, along with my answers, here today.

Are You Pinteresting?

New social media sites are cropping up all the time and it seems like I’m being invited to join something-or-other nearly every week. Since it’s unrealistic to try and maintain an active presence everywhere, I tend to wait and see whether a particular site is going to be worth my while before jumping on the bandwagon. Such was the case…

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