10 tips for a successful organizing business

To be a successful organizing coach or consultant, you need knowledge, a passion for imparting that knowledge to others, and basic business skills. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve talked about a number of resources for professional development and networking to help you attain those skills. Today I’m happy to share my top tips to help you start and…

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Staying Organized – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Everyone talks about getting organized, but every professional organizer knows that’s just the beginning. So, this month I’ve asked my readers to share their secrets for staying organized, and did they ever come through! Please join me in giving them all a big thanks for their contributions, and to LifeinCase for sponsoring this edition of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival….

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Secrets to converting prospects to clients

If I was to ask you why you market your business, you’d probably say it’s to get more clients, right? Well, according to Michael Charest’s “Master the Sales Process” presentation at the 2014 NAPO Conference, you would be wrong! Image © iStock.com / olm26250  The Purpose of Marketing Michael declares that the only reason for marketing is to secure consultations – yes, he is…

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How Small Businesses and Start-ups can Manage their Finances Online

With April tax deadlines approaching, many of us are thinking about money, and specifically our business bookkeeping, even more than usual. Unless you’re a professional bookkeeper or accountant, it’s hard to stay on top of all the new tools and resources, so David Spring is here as my guest today to bring us up to date.

Checklists and Contracts and Agreements – Oh my!

It’s amazing how many different forms you need in order to operate a professional organizing business! Some are just for your own use, such as client information sheets, assessment forms, and checklists. Others, such as invoices and letters of agreement, communicate important information to your clients.