Tips For Maintaining A Professional Telephone Presence While Minimizing Costs

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide what type of phone system is best for your business. Should you use your home phone? If so, should you get a second number with distinctive ring, or a second line? Do you need a dedicated business line? Or should you simply use your cell phone? My guest blogger today has some valuable information to help you make that decision.

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Running a business can be very expensive, even when it is run out of a home. When trying to cut costs, there often aren’t a lot of changes that can be made to the basic operating costs. A lot of the costs companies have to pay for are things that are considered necessary just to function. Despite what you may think though, there are some good options that give you more freedom with your finances.

One of the basic costs that every business has is having a telephone. Many at-home businesses just choose to have cell phones in order to avoid the problems that come along with this area of customer service, but there is a better way. Here are some problems that may come up as well as some helpful, realistic solutions.

The Problems

Every business needs to have phone numbers for customers and distributors to get in touch with the owners. The hard part when you have an at-home business is that usually there are multiple people working from multiple locations. However, you cannot list multiple numbers on a webpage or on an ad for people to call because that looks unprofessional and a little chaotic.

Another problem that comes along with cell phones or multiple phone lines is that it can be very expensive. Many times people will have to sign up for a special work phone to carry around. This is because a lot of times businesses sign up for a number to list not realizing that the line is tethered to certain phones. Even if you sign up for a group plan, it can still really start to add up.

The Solutions

There are options available for businesses that operate home based businesses in virtual offices though. If your business does not have one central location to receive incoming calls, one phone number can be listed that can reach each individual location easily. The most common way that this can be individualized is through using extensions.

Using an automated menu, a customer or business associate can call in to the toll free number that then gives them the options you program it to have. When a person needs to reach a person in charge of a certain area such as accounting or marketing, they simply dial the toll free number and then the extension listed in the menu.

One option that is popular among business owners is to have these calls go directly to their individual cell phones or home office phone. This gives a lot of freedom to business owners and employees because they are not tethered to a specific phone line, nor are they giving out their personal phone numbers. What else this allows is the freedom to not have to stay at a desk all day, worrying about missing a customer call. Freedom means more productivity which is always a good thing in a business.

This guest post was written by Kevin Schweizer. Kevin is currently the Online Marketing Manager for – VoIP phone service


  1. Another option to having a toll-free number is to take advantage of features on your own phone – call forwarding for example. If you have to leave home for an appointment, I simply forward my business line to my cell phone. And if I can’t answer the phone, my voice mail greeting says that I’m either out or with a client and to please leave a message and I’ll return their call within two hours. To me that makes more sense than having someone automatically get a recording saying “press 1 for…”. One of my virtual assistance clients has a auto attendant system, but it makes sense for her because the extensions actually go to someone, her, me (it sends me a voice mail when a message is left).

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