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The Professional Organizers Blog Carnival (#POBC) is a monthly collection of blog posts submitted by readers of Your Organizing Business. Since its launch in 2009, this monthly feature has become a very popular resource both for organizers to showcase their expertise, and for individuals seeking organizing information.

You may select an already scheduled topic or suggest one of your own (subject to approval).

The most popular level of sponsorship is $60.00. At this level, the featured image on the post will include your business name, logo and/or product and will link to your website. Your sponsorship will also be acknowledged in the body of the post and on social media.

A basic sponsorship is only $25.00. At this level, your sponsorship will be recognized at the end of the post, including a text link to your website.

At either level, you are encouraged to increase your exposure by submitting your own post on the monthly #POBC topic.

Bonus: When you commit to sponsoring an issue a month or more in advance, you will also be mentioned in the announcement for that issue, with a link to your site.


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