What is Net 30 & why is it (probably) bad for my business?

Net 30

When it comes to your business, one of the most important things is to make sure you get your invoices paid on time. One of the best ways to ensure that is to decide on the correct payment terms you should be using on your invoices. That’s where Net 30 comes in. It’s the most […]

The Most Important Invoice Tips for Your Organizing Business


Although going into business for yourself can be a dream, it also brings with it a lot of stressful aspects. One of these surrounds having to take care of your own finances, which for many new or even experienced business owners can seem overwhelming. This can be especially frustrating for organizers whose very business is […]

Innovative Ways to Stay Relevant in the Market

Innovative Ways to Stay Relevant in the Market

To stay relevant in today’s market, research the latest trends, advancements, and achievements in your field. Along with staying on top of other company’s successes in the industry, study the ways other businesses fall short in reaching a specific consumer group. Stay organized with planners tailored to your specific aspirations. Community Participation Especially if you […]

6 Effective Ways to Keep Going When Your Business Seems Stagnant

the way forward

Operating your own private business is no easy task. It requires plenty of hard work and perseverance to maintain clients, market your business, and generate enough income to pay off expenses, much less make a profit. Even if your company has found success early, there will be times of stagnation and perhaps even regression. It […]

4 Surprising Ways Gift Cards Can Increase Margins for Professional Organizers

gift cards

It’s been more than 5 years since Janet Barclay wrote The Pros and Cons of Offering Gift Certificates for Organizing Services which covered some of the ethical and business considerations associated with offering gift cards as a professional organizer. That article, which is still relevant today, generated a lengthy discussion in the comments section about […]

Are you undervaluing and under-pricing your own time?

QC Design School

Setting fees is an important decision that must be made before starting a business, and one that must be revisited regularly to make sure we’re neither pricing ourselves out of the market nor short-changing ourselves. If this is something you’ve struggled with, I know you’ll find some helpful ideas in today’s guest post. There are […]

How to Create a Profitable Productized Service

packaging your services

A few years ago, I stopped billing by the hour and began offering service packages to fill different needs. It’s worked really well, leading to reduced stress and increased income for me, and more clarity and easier budgeting for my clients. I highly recommend that you consider this strategy for your business! You can start […]

How to Engage Customers via Email

Use every email exchange to build quality relationships.

How many business emails do you send out every week? 10? 50? 100? 500? The higher the number, the easier it is to slip into bad habits – being too casual, making typos, the list goes on. In some cases, these mistakes will be overlooked or forgiven, but they can lead to missed opportunities or […]

Helping Clients Fall In Love With Your Services

Helping Clients Fall In Love With Your Services

It costs much more to land a new client than it does to retain an existing one. Depending on who you ask, the additional cost may be anywhere from three to thirty times as much, but there’s no questioning the value of customer retention. Neerav Mehta has applied his commitment to client satisfaction to successfully grow his San […]

9 Tips for Building Your Support Network

Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time. - Alan Collins

When I launched my business in 2002, I was very excited to have something that was “all mine.” Who wouldn’t be? However, my desire for independence almost prevented me from being successful! I learned that when you run your own business, you need to grow a network of colleagues, service providers and others who can […]

What does “vacation” mean to YOU?

Carly enjoying a relaxing vacation at the cottage

In the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, “vacation” is defined as “a period of several days or weeks spent away from work or school etc., used esp. for recreation and travel; a holiday.” A growing number of executives and small business owners rarely, if ever, take a vacation. Click To Tweet At least not in the traditional […]

3 reasons to accept payments remotely

Accepting payments remotely streamlines operations while enhancing client experience. Kristen Gramigna

If you’re like most of the organizers I know, you love your work so much that you’d be happy to do it even if you weren’t getting paid. Unfortunately, happiness won’t pay the bills! These days we have more options than ever for issuing invoices and getting paid, and today we welcome Kristen Gramigna with information about […]

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