Book Review: Organizing Outside the Box

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Cover of Organizing Outside the Box: Conquer Clutter Using Your Natural Learning Style by Hellen Buttigieg CPO and Sari Brandes M.Ed.

There are a lot of organizing books on the market, but as a professional organizer, you don’t need to read about the same strategies over and over again. I’ve always found that the most valuable books are those that acknowledge that organizing systems need to be tailored to the unique style and personality of your client. Organizing Outside the Box by Hellen Buttigieg is such a book.

There are several reasons that this book deserves a place in your library:

  1. It provides tips to help you assess whether your client is a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learner.
  2. It offers strategies for each of the three learning styles, including photos of suggested products.
  3. It even includes recommendations for handling those tricky situations when people with different learning styles share space at home or at work!
  4. It is a quick and easy read, so you don’t have to struggle to find time in your schedule to read it.

I’ve known Hellen since 2002 and she’s been my client since 2003, so you may think I’m a little bit biased, but you don’t have to take my word for it. In case you haven’t heard, Organizing Outside the Box: Conquer Clutter Using Your Natural Learning Style  won the 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Award for Best Organizing Book, so I am definitely in good company!

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