How to start a professional organizing business

Are you interested in becoming a professional organizer? Maybe you were born to organize and are looking for a way to make money doing what you love. Maybe you’ve read about professional organizers in a magazine or seen them featured on a TV show and thought, “Hey, I could do that!” However you learned about this relatively new but fast-growing…

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Professional Organizer Training and Coaching

As I mentioned last week, speaking with vendors at the Organizing Expo was one of the highlights of attending the recent NAPO Conference. There were so many booths that I wasn’t able to visit them all, but I was impressed with those I did. Today I’m going to share the information I received about various training and coaching programs for…

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My First NAPO Conference

Since becoming part of the organizing industry in 2002, I’ve attended seven POC Conferences as a member, a speaker, or an exhibitor – one year I was all three – but until last week I had never been to a NAPO Conference. It would take me days to tell you everything that made it a wonderful experience, but here are…

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A First Timer’s Perspective on the Annual POC Conference

It’s been a great year for professional organizer conferences, based on the many guest posts we’ve had about the 2013 NAPO, MARCPO and POC Conferences! For our final guest post of 2013, I’m happy to introduce April Miller, from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Attending the Professional Organizers in Canada’s (POC) 2013 National Conference for the first time was a dream…

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How to Conquer Your Time Robbers

Over the past couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to read many highlights from this fall’s Mid-Atlantic Region Conference for Professional Organizers. My guest today is Lauri Mennel, with some great time management strategies from Leslie Josel’s conference session.

POC 2013 through the Eyes of a Seasoned Conference-Goer

At the 2011 POC Conference in Toronto, I had the pleasure of meeting a very enthusiastic attendee named Kelly Hipkin, and we’re now connected on social media. As this year’s conference approached, her growing excitement was clearly apparent, and I asked her to contribute to this conference series about what Professional Organizers in Canada and the Annual Conference mean to…

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POC 2013 Conference Perspective – from the stage and the seat

We’ve recently heard from a number of bloggers who attended the MARCPO Conference this past October. Now we’ll move to my home turf to read about the recent Professional Organizers in Canada Conference in Toronto, beginning with some public speaking tips and other valuable information from Deanne Kelleher.

What Happens in Japan…

I’ve really enjoyed reading about my guest bloggers’ experiences at various conferences for professional organizers, particularly those held in faraway places like Africa and Australia. So when I learned that Laurene Livesey Park, with whom I served on the POC National Board, was going to a conference in Japan, I asked her to tell us all about it.