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One of the wonderful things about the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival is the opportunity to connect with organizing consultants with a wide range of specialties. Today I’ve invited Ellen Delap, who is one of our Professional Organizers Blog Carnival Star Bloggers, to tell us about hers.


Families are struggling with cohesiveness, communication and  organization.  It’s about who is making dinner, can the laundry get beyond the living room, and who is doing what when.  Enter the Family Manager Coach!

I have always had a special connection with my family clients, especially those with ADD.  The struggles these families were experiencing could be helped.  Certified Family Manager CoachesTM offer a unique perspective, that of viewing your home like a business, to help families think about their connections and roles in a new way.


I learned of this certification through the Wall Street Journal and looked into the program.   Certified Family Manager CoachesTM are trained under Kathy Peel, called “America’s Family Manager” by journalists and millions of women. She has authored 21 books which have sold over 2 million copies.  Families find coaches through the website or through googling “family manager coach”. Over the course of 2 weeks and 6 modules which include several online tests and commenting on forums, I completed the certification in 2009. I have since renewed my certification with further review of modules and by taking an annual test.

How it works

As a coach, I have the opportunity to offer an online assessment tool for clients to find their strengths and challenges.  Some clients like this option and some would prefer the initial assessment in person.   Then we meet in one on one sessions, focusing on where they need a boost.  Typically, we work together on setting up family routines, such as the family meeting and daily schedules, organizing areas throughout their home, and finding creative ways to share and delegate responsibilities.

What clients say

At the end of each session, my client has a fresh start and a fresh perspective.

“When I hired Ellen, I needed help with time management and decluttering of my home. With her help, I was able to implement a regular family meeting and created a command central. We also partnered to declutter and organize closets and the home office. Putting her knowledge in practice has helped me better manage my family’s schedule and create the order I needed in my home.”

Helping families is a rewarding experience and makes a difference for all of us!  I encourage you to look at to see if this would be a great addition to your business or if you could benefit from a session with a Family Manager Coach.

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Ellen works with professionals, work at home businesses, small business entrepreneurs and especially with clients with ADHD.

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