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Hazel Thornton and Lisa Montanaro

This is already Week 5 of our NAPO2015 recap series!

We’ve heard from Kathy Vines about the Minimalists‘ opening keynote, read Autumn Leopold’s interview with Cena Block, learned about the NAPO Authorship SIG Bookstore from Hazel Thornton, and found out what it’s like to experience the conference as a first-time exhibitor.

Today, I’m pleased to welcome Hazel back with the highlights of one of the conference sessions.


One of the sessions I most wanted to attend at the NAPO2015 conference in Los Angeles was Lisa Montanaro’s Show Me the Money: Money Mindset & Pricing Strategies. Why? One reason is because I knew from previous experience that Lisa is a dynamic speaker. Her career has included law, organizing, coaching, and speaking (not to mention singing, acting, and dancing), and I have heard her present a variety of topics. She has an engaging presence and always delivers great content. She also talks fast so there is a LOT of content! The second reason is because, seriously, who can’t use a few tips on how to make more money?

In introducing the concept of Money Mindset, Lisa stresses,

“You can be a heart-centered purpose- and passion-driven entrepreneur and still make money.”

The key is to identify your limiting beliefs and broken business models, and to replace them with a sense of your true value and pricing models that support your income needs and wants.

I liked this, naturally, because I’ve said the same thing in my blog post Money Mondays: Are You Paying Your Money Enough Attention?, and in the companion article to my Cash Flow Clutter Chart:

Cash Flow clutter comes in the form of unpaid bills, unfiled tax returns, incomplete insurance claims, multiple unnecessary accounts, and postponed financial decisions. Money likes attention, and if you don’t pay it regular positive attention it will demand negative attention in the form of late fees, worry, stress, and legal problems.

The difference is that I was talking more about ways to not lose or waste money, and Lisa is talking about how to value yourself and make more money. They’re related, and they’re both important.

I’m not going to divulge all of Lisa’s tips here in this post; let’s just say she did not disappoint. We discussed rate increases, pricing policies, dealing with price objections, and leveraging our expertise. We considered the pros and cons of package, program and project pricing. And more.

I was pleased that many of the concepts she talked about were things I already believe and practice. What that means is:

  1. I am further down the path I want to be on than I thought; and,
  2. Lisa might be a good coach for me along the way.

Lisa provides coaching in a variety of ways and at several price points. Check her out at

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Hazel Thornton, creator of The Clutter Flow Chart Collection, is a virtual organizer and family historian based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She combines her genealogy research and organizing skills to help clients tell the stories of their families and their most treasured belongings. Her forthcoming book is called What’s a Photo Without the Story? A Guide to Leaving Your Family Legacy. Visit her online at

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