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Product Review: Academic Planner – a Tool for Time Management

I’ve reviewed quite a few paper planners over the past few years, some which were designed for busy moms, with the rest being more “all purpose” planners. Leslie Josel, who is one of my “tweetmates,” recently sent me a copy of the planner she developed specifically for students, and with back-to-school right around the corner, I’d like to tell you about it.

academic planner

As a work-from-home business owner who hasn’t had school-aged kids for many years, my initial reactions were based on my current situation. I like:

  • the construction, with coil binding and an outer cover made of plastic to protect the paper inside
  • the page layout, with weekly grids and full month-at-a-glance pages, each with notes sections
  • the fact that there are no pages of unneeded reference information creating extra bulk
  • the variety of cover designs (5) available

To evaluate it as a tool for students, I had to send myself back in time a few decades. 🙂

Looking at it through those eyes, I also appreciate these features:

  • It runs from August to July, to accommodate the academic year.
  • There’s a space at the beginning of the planner to record the subjects being taken. This lines up with the weekly grids so it’s easy to keep track of what work has to be done in each subject. There’s even room for after school activities, an important component of a balanced education (and a balanced life, for that matter).
  • There’s plenty of room to write details of assignments and other important information.
  • The pages are nice and thick, so you can use a highlighter without worrying about bleed-through.
  • The contact page includes spots for your email address and cell phone number, which these days are a better way to reach someone than their home address or phone number (which there’s also room for).
  • There’s a full page to record the class schedule, including the room number and instructor’s name.

I think it could be even more functional if the contact information appeared on the front cover and the class schedule on the back, so this information could be viewed quickly without even having to open the book.

Watch this video to learn more about Order Out of Chaos’s Academic Planner and to see it in action:

Overall, I think it’s a great product that’s affordable even for students on a limited budget.

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