Learn more about Organizing for Personality Types

Over the past two-and-a-half months, I’ve shared with you pretty well everything I know about personality type and how it influences an individual’s relationship with time and space. For your convenience, here’s a recap of the entire series: Learn About Organizing for Personality Types How does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® work? Helping your clients identify their personal organizing style Helping…

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NAPO 2016 Organizing Expo – Part 2

As promised, today one of our Professional Organizers Blog Carnival Star Bloggers, Seana Turner highlights some of her favorite vendors from the NAPO 2016 Organizing Expo. Are you a “latest and greatest” fanatic? Do you love finding the perfect tool for the job? This post is for you! I recently traveled to Atlanta, GA for the 2016 Annual Conference of…

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Shooting for the Stars: The NAPO Authorship SIG Bookstore

Are you enjoying the NAPO2015 recap so far? I know I am! The fun continues today with a great post by Hazel Thornton about a very special booth at the Organizing Expo. I caught wind of it through some discussions on Facebook when it was in the planning stages, and it sounds like it was a great success! The NAPO2015…

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Find me in these popular business books

When I launched this blog in 2009, my goal was to make it a “go to” resource for information to help you succeed in your organizing business. Since then, I’ve also had the privilege of being featured in a number of business books and e-books. The Professional Organizer’s Bible – Volume 1: Getting Started This reference guide for those thinking…

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Becoming a Professional Organizer

If you’re thinking about establishing an organizing business, you’ll find lots of helpful information right here on Your Organizing Business and elsewhere on the Internet, but sometimes it’s really helpful to have a comprehensive guide to keep on hand as a reference manual, both as you get started and down the road.