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fashionable desk accessories

One of the things that makes organizing fun is the wide range of products available. When giving presentations on office organization, I always reminded the audience that unless there is a corporate standard that dictates what employees have on their desks, they should choose things that reflect their personality and make them feel good, as well as being functional.

Yesterday I received a flyer from Grand & Toy, which I always enjoy, and was delighted to see two new products from 3-M, shown above. Wouldn’t they be perfect for the office of a fashion designer?

I’m a cat lover, and the items on my desk include:

  • a notepaper dispenser with cat photos on it
  • a china paperclip holder with two cats on it
  • a coffee mug with a cute cat picture on it which holds my pens, scissors, etc. (the handle is cracked, so I can’t safely use it for beverages anymore)
  • the box the above mug came in which has the same picture on it, and which holds elastic bands

I didn’t plan that – all of the items were gifts – but it’s nice to be surrounded by things I enjoy!

What other special desk accessories have you seen or used?

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  1. Avatar Allison Carter on November 15, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Those are too fun!!

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