How to improve your Facebook ads using the right typography

facebook typography

Social media has radically changed the way we do business, and in many ways, it has been in favor of small businesses. Back in the day, even the most tech-savvy business owners had a tough job getting one over big businesses because they have the resources to pull all the stops in making their online […]

Website Marketing: 7 Stepping Stones to Success

website marketing word cloud

In 3 Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog, I suggest that leaving comments on other blogs will encourage others to read yours, a strategy that’s worked for me a number of times. That’s how I connected with Dmitriy Ivanov. I commented on one of his posts, he began reading Your Organizing Business, and he’s here as my guest […]

Comparing WordPress Themes

Planning a Website the Organized Way: Comparing WordPress Themes

Today I’m going to talk about WordPress themes specifically, but even if your website is going to be built on a different platform, many of the principles will still apply. In my last post, I suggested that you study a variety of websites, identify what you like and don’t like about them, and start a […]

Gathering Design Inspiration

Planning a Website the Organized Way: Gathering Design Inspiration

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been guiding you through the process of Planning a Website the Organized Way. Your next task is to look for websites that you like and identify why they appeal to you. Don’t limit yourself to websites within your own industry when seeking design inspiration. Click To Tweet To stand […]

Developing a Plan for Your Website

Planning a Website the Organized Way: Developing a Plan for Your Website

Are you considering a new website for your organizing business? How exciting! No matter if it’s your very first site or you’ve been online for a while and are ready for a change, whether you’re a DIY-er or working with a web professional, you’ll make the project go more smoothly if you draw upon your […]

Making a website mobile friendly

In January of this year, mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States.  It’s no wonder that so many clients are asking if I can make their websites mobile-friendly! My answer? Well… it depends.

Creating Your Logo Should Be At The Top Of Your Business Plan

logo design

Logos have power. Think about Nike, McDonald’s and Apple Computers. If you’re like most people, within the first few seconds of seeing these logos, you think about these businesses. Logos distinguish you from other businesses, even if the company name is similar. Discover the importance of your branded logo and consider developing one as your […]

Another Professional Organizer Chooses WordPress for her Website

Custom WordPress site designed for Organized for Life

I’ve recently had the honor and privilege of doing a complete blog and website overhaul for Hazel Thornton of Organized for Life in Albuquerque, who is a regular participant in the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival. We’re both very pleased with the end result, shown below.

Taking Things Up a Notch

These days, most organizers have a website right from the get-go. Even if it’s a simple one-pager with contact details and basic information about your services, it is expected that a credible business will have an online presence. As your business grows, your website needs to evolve as well, to reflect your increasing expertise and […]

Another Professional Organizer Joins the Blogosphere


If you were to ask me what I like best about my work, it would be a toss-up between developing new WordPress sites and providing blog support to professional organizers, so naturally, I was thrilled when Clare Kumar contacted me about setting up a blog for her.

Recent WordPress Projects

I love anything and everything to do with blogging, I love working with professional organizers, and I love customizing WordPress themes, so when an opportunity comes along that lets me do all three at once, you can be sure that I am in geek heaven! Today I’m excited to share with you my most recent […]

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