Creating Your Logo Should Be At The Top Of Your Business Plan

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Logos have power. Think about Nike, McDonald’s and Apple Computers. If you’re like most people, within the first few seconds of seeing these logos, you think about these businesses. Logos distinguish you from other businesses, even if the company name is similar. Discover the importance of your branded logo and consider developing one as your next business goal.

First Impressions Count

Your logo is normally the first thing people see, and they’ll start to make a judgement about your business with a single glance. On a web page or brochure full of text, eyes will naturally be drawn to a logo. If it doesn’t fit the business, then that first impression may be a bust.

Logos Imply Stability

You may not have been in business for 50 years, but when people see a logo, they get a sense of permanence. With a good logo, they expect that you are serious about your business and will have staying power. Anyone can buy a domain name, put up a website and start a business. But those who have created a matching logo for their business stand out in the crowd.

Show That You’re a Professional

An appropriate logo conveys integrity and credibility, says BlogTrepreneur. It says you are experienced and confident enough to display your brand to the world. Gaining the trust of potential customers is an important benefit of designing a professional looking logo.

Memorable Associations with Your Business

It’s important to make a “good” association. A hastily designed logo will be with you for a long time — check out Business Insider’s picks for the worst logo designs. Some of them are for large companies with big graphic design budgets. All of them will make you wonder who reviewed and approved these things!

Research your competition and the logos they’ve designed. Check out logo design services for examples to get you started thinking about the image you want to make. When you have a draft of your logo, ask other people for their input. What do they think of when they see your logo? You want a good association between the logo and your business.

Designing Your Logo

Simplicity is the key. Use one or two fonts and colors only. Match the colors with the tone of your business.

According to the Branding Strategy Insider, red, orange, and yellow tend to create excitement, so those colors might not be a good choice if you market to clients with ADHD. Pastels are calming, but may be more effective if your business caters to busy moms than if you offer productivity workshops in the corporate world.

Keep text to a minimum or use none at all. The image construction should convey the right message. If you feel the need to add words to describe the company, then the logo design isn’t working well.

Even the shapes in a logo are important, says the Small Business Chronicle. An angular logo conveys motion and speed suitable for a high-tech company or an aftermarket auto parts distributor. A rounded logo matches a service company’s need to convey trust and service. Play with various shapes to see what they say about your company.

Use the same logo throughout your marketing materials, including brochures, stationery, and business cards. You want people to see your logo and link it with your company. Don’t confuse them with variations. You are better off starting out with a very simple logo and then redesigning it as your business grows.

Until recently, Iwas unable to offer logo design, though I’ve always been happy to collaborate with graphic designers of my clients’ choosing. I’m happy to announce that I’ve now partnered with a graphic designer to create custom logos for the websites I develop. If you’re in the market for a new logo and website, please read about my Website and Blog Design Services.

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