Product Review: Action Day Planner

Action Day Planner

As I mentioned last week, I recently decided to go back to a paper planner for time and task management. My needs were essentially the same as they were in 2009, when I reached out to my readers for their paper planner recommendations. At that time I chose the myAgenda from momAgenda, and found it […]

My Time Management Journey

my time management journey

My recent series about Personality Type has sparked some interesting conversations! Several readers have asked about my own time management system. It’s kind of a long story, but here it is. As a point of reference, my personality type is ISTJ. Is a paper planner better than a computer-based time and task management tool? It depends. Click […]

Did you miss POC Conference 2015?

Professional Organizers in Canada Conference 2015

After months of preparation and anticipation, it’s hard to believe the 2015 POC Conference has come and gone! My presentation on Friday, How to Write Blog Posts that Get Results, went over well, and you’ll be seeing bits and pieces of it in various formats here on Your Organizing Business in the days to come. […]

2014: The Best of Your Organizing Business

The Best of Your Organizing Business 2014

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve highlighted this year’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival participants and sponsors and guest bloggers. Today I wrap things up with a round-up of 2014’s most popular posts. My top posts from 2014 Unique Organizing Products 5 Ways for Professional Organizers to Earn Extra Income Book review: Capture the Magic […]

2013: The Best of Your Organizing Business

I began my year-end review last week with a tribute to everyone who took part in the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival. That seemed like a fitting start, since the Blog Carnival is our most popular feature, but with over 100 posts published during the past year, you’ve probably missed at least a few. So, for […]

Product Review: Circa Agenda Balanced Life Planner by Julie Morgenstern

I recently received a lovely gift from Julie Morgenstern, a copy of the Circa Balanced Life Planner she developed in partnership with Levenger. Since it’s the time of year that you may be looking at a new planner for yourself or one of your clients, I thought I’d share my impressions with you, even though […]

Product Review: Academic Planner – a Tool for Time Management

I’ve reviewed quite a few paper planners over the past few years, some which were designed for busy moms, with the rest being more “all purpose” planners. Leslie Josel, who is one of my “tweetmates,” recently sent me a copy of the planner she developed specifically for students, and with back-to-school right around the corner, […]

Product Review: “Seasons” Organizer by Planner Pads

As much as I love technology, the easiest way for me to organize my daily and weekly tasks is with a paper planner. Although many people are loyal to a specific planner that meets their needs, I’m always looking out for something that’s just a little bit better than what I’m currently using. You could […]

Product Reviews – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

There are so many great organizing products on the market that it’s not always easy to know what’s available, so this month I’ve asked my readers to share links to the product reviews they’ve written. You’ll find information here about products to organize everything from jewelry to refrigerators, so sit yourself down and learn about […]

Product Review: Quo Vadis Minister Prestige Weekly Planner

When I realized, nearly 30 years ago, that there was a whole world of calendars beyond those that were provided to me by my employer, bank, or local card shop, one of the first product lines I discovered was Quo Vadis. I was impressed by the quality of their planners as well as the extensive […]

Product Review: DayMinder Premiere

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a calendar junkie, and I’ve reviewed several of the unique planners I’ve come across here at Your Organizing Business. For those who prefer something more classic, this week we’ll take a look at a product from AT-A-GLANCE.

Product Review: BusyBodyBook Organizers

People who are loyal to a particular brand of calendar have probably already purchased their refill or planner for 2012, but others are still looking for one that will meet their needs. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring several different products to help you guide your clients in their decision-making.

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