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website redesign

It’s no longer enough just to have a website. Trends are changing constantly, and it doesn’t take long for your website design to look dated. Even if your prospective clients don’t know or care about what’s in style this year, if your website doesn’t project your professional image and your personal brand, it’s not going to be effective in attracting new business.

This summer I had the pleasure of redesigning two professional organizer websites. Check out the before and after screenshots to see what a difference a website redesign makes!

Smart ~ Happy ~ Organized

I had a lot of fun creating Autumn Leopold’s original blog in 2014, because it was so big and bold compared to most of the sites I’ve worked on. Here’s the original design:

Smart ~ Happy ~ Organized

Autumn stays right on top of blogging trends and is pretty tech savvy, so she’d made quite a few tweaks to the site since then. Earlier this year, she decided that it no longer reflected the image she wanted to portray, and she chose a newer, more elegant theme. She hired me to convert her site to the new theme, and it’s really quite lovely, don’t you think?

Smart Happy Organized

Yikes Organizing

When Barb Eimer started her business in 2012, she did what many people do: she created her own website using a site builder platform provided by her hosting company.

Yikes Organizing

As her business became more established, she felt she needed something more professional, without losing the whimsy of her existing site, and I was honored when her business coach recommended me for the job. This was another fun project, and Barb and I are both delighted with the finished project.

Yikes Organizing


I’m currently working on a few other sites, and am looking forward to sharing them with you once they’re launched.

Keep in mind that website design is only one piece of the equation. It’s even more important that your site accurately presents your current services and qualifications.

If a new website or website revamp is in your future, be sure to download a copy of 10 Things Your Website Needs to Attract More Clients!

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