5 Ways to Use Customer Testimonials For Your Professional Organizer Business

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You might display customer testimonials on a standalone page or throughout your website, but why stop there? Growth Marketing Strategist, Margo Ovsiienko has some great ideas to get those wonderful reviews in front of an even wider audience.


93% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase. If your website is the core place for you to sell your professional organizer services, customer testimonials can become a great tool to build trust, break client objections, and land more projects.

When people are visiting your website after learning about your business, they may have objections regarding your skills, qualifications, your previous experience, and the complexity of projects you have performed before. So how can you deal with them more effectively to convince people to work with you, not your competition?

In this article, we want to show you a few ways on how you can use customer testimonials in a smart way to sell more organizer services online.

1) Add testimonials to the website

If most of your clients find your business on Google, your website would probably be one of the first touchpoints for your future clients. That is why building the right impression about your organizer business is key at the stage when your potential customer is comparing various professional organizers online.

WordPress is one of the most accessible content management systems (CMS) where you can launch your website and publish client testimonials. If you are already using one, you can consider choosing and installing a WordPress testimonial plugin which will make it easier for you to manage and publish all testimonials from your customers in one place.

Stars Testimonials WordPress Plugin

If you are using a different CMS, find out if there are similar solutions for your website. There is a range of free and paid plugins for various CMS which you can choose from when adding your testimonials to the website. These are code-free tools which don’t require any coding knowledge and help add testimonials to the website with just a few clicks.

2) Post customer testimonials on social media channels

Posting testimonials on your social media channels can help get additional reach for your posts. As a professional organizer, you should get interested in LinkedIn as one of the channels where you can reach a B2B client and build your personal brand. You can consider using these LinkedIn lead generation strategies to strengthen your presence on this channel and land more business.

Once you have collected testimonials, it’s time to create interactive materials which you can post on your preferred social media channel. Adding text to images is one of the most popular methods to create a social media graphic. Here is an example of a text image that you can replicate for your organizer services.

Testimonial social media post

Apart from this one, you can also consider recording a video testimonial which you can later edit with some video editing tools.

3) Set up social media ads

Setting up retargeting ads help reach your potential customers when they have already left your website. With testimonial ads, you can help them make a final decision about using your professional organizer services.

These ads work the best when your leads are problem- and solution-aware. They should have already compared different organizers in their area or even worldwide and at this point, this is only the matter of choosing the right one.

Here is an example of a Facebook testimonial ad that builds on social proof.

Facebook Testimonial ad example

Before you decide to allocate some of your marketing budget to Facebook ads, check out facebook ads cost for better planning. Also, remember to set up an advertisement pixel which varies across advertisement platforms.

4) Add testimonials to Instagram stories

70% of Instagram users watch Instagram stories daily. No wonder as stories prove to be more authentic as people often record them on the go and without filters. They show more reality than a photo post produced in Photoshop. That’s why Instagram stories can be a great tool to establish deep relations with your followers and potential clients.

You can check some of these Instagram story ideas to learn how you can use it for your organizer business. Remember that apart from demonstrating your business behind the scenes, you can also integrate your client testimonials as a visual element to your stories.

Here is an example of how customer testimonials can be used on Instagram stories to build trust.

Customer testimonials used on Instagram stories

You can experiment with branding, format, and most importantly, you can choose to share customer testimonials by creating an ad hoc graphic directly on Instagram or outsource this task to a graphic designer. Either way, you can achieve the same result – proving your expertise and achievements to future clients.

5) Use customer testimonials in case studies

Case studies are one of the testimonial examples which organizer businesses like yours can use to bridge the gap between educational and sales materials.

Case studies are often written by business copywriters whose goal is to show a business in a good light. Wouldn’t you do it as well for your organizer business? I bet you wouldn’t oppose this temptation! However, this way, your stories would sound biased. Before you get some inspiration on using testimonials in your case studies, let’s first see why case studies are a great tool for your business.

For your organizer business, case studies can prove the complexity of projects you have performed and show what clients you usually work with.This is a great tool to attract your target customer. It’s easy to figure out that you serve V.I.P. clients if you publish a few testimonials of some celebrities or high-net-worth individuals.

There is a huge chance a similar client would want to work with you. Also, these case studies will not appeal to people with a very limited budget. They will realize you are not a perfect fit for them. But would you want to focus on small projects if it is more beneficial to work for a V.I.P. segment?

We have mentioned before that case studies can be biased and businesses can create any type of story which the customer won’t be able to verify in any way. That’s where testimonials can help build a bit more rapport with your audience and serve as a social proof. By supporting your case study with a testimonial, you can make your client’s story sound more convincing.


Testimonials are key to getting your potential customers to choose your services. By showing your customer testimonials in the consideration stage of your leads’ buyer journey, you can build trust with them faster, even if you haven’t met them before. Consider testing out some of the ideas we have mentioned here and see for yourself how it can boost the sales of your professional organizer services.

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  1. Avatar Melissa Gratias on August 25, 2021 at 11:11 am

    Thank you for these tips, Margo. My webmistress developed a beautiful testimonials page for me: https://melissagratias.com/testimonials/.

    When posting to social media, I find that Canva is a great tool for turning a testimonial into a beautiful image.

    Soap box moment: I think LinkedIn Request a Recommendation is grossly underutilized by small business owners.

  2. Linda Samuels Linda Samuels on August 25, 2021 at 12:47 pm

    All of these are excellent strategies. Happy clients are our best advocates and marketers. There is nothing quite as powerful as a good testimonial. It’s very much like PR versus buying an ad. An article written about you or one where you are quoted establishes credibility and trust. Client testimonials do that too.

    I have a testimonials page https://www.ohsoorganized.com/testimonials and also weave them throughout the site. I haven’t used quotes as part of social media posts, but what a great idea. Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Avatar Seana Turner on August 25, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    Thanks to you I’m doing pretty well on #1, but I can see odds for improving the visibility of my testimonials across other organizing platforms. Great idea!

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on August 26, 2021 at 12:45 pm

      That’s one of the things I see others doing and think “I should be doing that too” but haven’t yet made it happen.

  4. Avatar Janey Schiesl on August 26, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    I have testimonials on my website (thanks Janet!) and also use Canva for testimonials on social media, but lately we’ve been very successful asking clients to post a testimonial on our Google page. We’ve had a huge uptick in prospective clients mention our testimonials when they found us there.
    I’m using a screen shot of the Google testimonial in my first case study blog post in September. I’m glad I’m on the right track.

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on August 27, 2021 at 12:11 pm

      Thanks for sharing that, Janet. It’s always good to hear success stories – and it’s a good reminder for the rest of us to ASK for those reviews and testimonials! Most clients are happy to provide one.

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