Evergreen Content — How It Can Help Your Business

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Over the last year or so, Margo Ovsiienko has provided us with some outstanding insight into content marketing. I’m pleased to welcome her back with a post about one of my favorite topics: evergreen content. 


Let’s face it — we are all afraid to miss out on something exciting or interesting. Nowadays we call this fear FOMO (fear of missing out). Content describing trends or presenting news tends to be more clickable, due to the modern reader’s desire to stay informed and not miss out on anything. The problem is that after some time, highly clickable articles suddenly stop becoming popular.

With evergreen content, you don’t have to worry about your content’s decreasing popularity. Invest your time and effort into articles, videos, or other media that are relevant across time and will bring results long after you publish them.

What is evergreen content and how can it be helpful for an organizer business? Read on to find out.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is videos, articles, infographics, and other content forms that remain relevant and attract traffic, leads, prospects, and clients long after it goes live. Evergreen content is well-optimized to help you climb the ranks in Google and continuously drive traffic to your website.

Evergreen content can take many shapes; it doesn’t fit neatly into content categories such as statistics, trends, or news. While time-sensitive articles can generate temporary buzz around your organizer brand, its popularity quickly fades.

On the contrary, how-to articles, listicles, tips, customer testimonials are all examples of shareable content that will keep readers’ interest high in 2022 and 2032 (or even longer).

Why should evergreen content become a part of your content governance solution? Let’s take a look!

How can evergreen content help grow your business?

1. Improve search engine rankings

By creating high-quality content using the right keywords, you will achieve a higher ranking in Google and remain on the first page for much longer than if you churn out articles describing trends that only gather clicks for a very limited period of time.

Once the information in such articles is outdated and no longer relevant, people stop clicking. Google will treat this drop in interest as a negative signal and quickly downgrade your position in search results.

2. Attract traffic

There is some correlation between your average position in Google (for selected articles) and number of clicks. (Check these metrics in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.)

Evergreen content has more chances of staying high in search results, thus naturally garnering more clicks over time. The more clicks, the more people land on your website, interact with your content, and become leads.

3. Make you a thought leader

If your evergreen articles, videos, or posts end up on the first page in Google, people will find your business easily. What’s more — they will instantly start seeing you as a thought leader in the field for a couple of reasons.

People are not likely to trust businesses on page number ten on Google (they will not even reach that page). If your content is high quality and informative, readers will consider you an expert in your field and are likely to return to your content for more answers in the future.

4. Connect with your audience

Clients will likely ask the same questions today, in two years, and in ten years; they all have the same problems now and will have them in the future.

For example, they may want to learn how to declutter their attic in less than a day or organize office documents to save their employees’ time. While the particulars of these problems may evolve throughout the years, the basic need of the reader will not.

By covering solutions to these common problems on your blog or social media, you can help your potential clients and position yourself as a solution. They will appreciate your help and ability to relate to their challenges; this appreciation builds trust in your content and brand.

5. Unlimited distribution option

You don’t always have to create brand new content. Brands often update old articles or promote videos from years ago. This content remains effective, engages their audiences, and continues driving results.

By having evergreen content, you don’t have to write seven posts, publish three articles, and record a few videos every week. Remember — you are not a marketing agency, but a small business owner.

Evergreen content cuts down on your workload. By reposting old articles, posts, or videos, you can easily fill your social media calendar. By updating old articles, you create the impression your blog gets new content all the time. Search engines also treat regular content updates as a positive signal.

6. Bring more backlinks

Backlinks are a ranking factor that improves your average position on Google. In a nutshell, backlinks appear if someone links to your content from another website. Without them it is hard to drive sufficient traffic to your website.

Design your content to be useful enough that people want to repost it on their blog or link to it. Make your articles relevant for all time and readers will link to them again and again.

Wrapping up

News and trends content quickly gets traction with clicks both on Google and social media platforms, but has a short shelf life. Instead of covering topics that get outdated fast, focus on creating evergreen content.

Evergreen content helps you climb the ranks in search engines, drive more traffic to your website, and bring in more clients. Remember — you have to use your time wisely. Evergreen content is the perfect investment.

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  1. Avatar Seana Turner on November 23, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    I have started sharing my evergreen content more and more in the last year. It is nice to be able to get more than one “impression” from my posts, and I think the content for much of what I write is as valid today as when I wrote it.

    I”m not particularly focused on SEO, but it is nice to read this and be aware of how evergreen content impacts ranking.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on November 24, 2022 at 12:45 pm

      That’s fabulous. We invest a lot of time and effort into creating content, so it makes sense to get as much mileage out of it as we can!

  2. Linda Samuels Linda Samuels on November 28, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    I love the compelling case for creating more evergreen content. While some of my content is time sensitive, more of it is evergreen. I don’t update old posts that often, but it’s something to reconsider. I do share older content that is relevant.

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on November 29, 2022 at 12:58 pm

      I’ve updated a few old posts, but I’m thinking it’s time to revive and republish some of them. We long time bloggers have a lot of good content in our archives!

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