How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

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Today’s guest blogger has been featured here twice before, and I’m pleased to welcome her back. If you don’t know Deb Bixler, she helps people with direct sales businesses to create a consistent cash flow.

Although Deb’s tips about networking in Facebook groups will be most beneficial if you’re a consultant for Creative Memories, Thirty-One Gifts, or another direct sales company, the basic principles apply to any type of business.


Join Facebook Groups for Networking Business

Now I am not saying you should join groups for the purpose of ONLY networking and marketing your home business.

The purpose of Facebook niche groups is so that like minded individuals can collaborate.

Do some searches in the Facebook search bar for groups that love what your products represent.

  • Kitchen Tools = Recipe Groups
  • Jewelry, Cosmetics, Nail Care = Fashion Groups
  • Vitamin, Anti-Aging, Sports Clothing = Healthy Lifestyle Groups

After being accepted to the group, add value to the community and make friends just like you would if you were networking at a live meet up event offline.

Who is your ideal client?

Chances are you have a lot in common so it will easy to become friends!

Marketing In Groups = May Get Kicked Out

When you make friends and add value you will also create desire for your product.

Some groups will kick you out if your total purpose there is marketing. Other groups have only one purpose and that is to market your products. Those groups oftentimes are not frequented by real people, just marketers. Not much real engagement in the group,  just a steady stream of links.

Just like your Facebook fan page should not be all about “buy this, join my company, buy this, we are wonderful” neither should your activities in a group.

Direct Sales Business Leads In Facebook Groups

You will find a lot of leads in Facebook Groups.

MY ideal customer is a business owner: YOU!

I belong to many groups where direct sales consultants hang out. I contribute, add value, make friends and only drop a link or DM when asked for more information.

Where do your ideal customers hang out online?

What is your niche market and where can you find them?

Go there, add value, engage and make friends to generate business online and increase your following.

I recommend...

Deb Bixler is a direct sales educator who specializes in teaching you how to create a consistent cash flow in businesses. Visit her website to learn how to fill your calendar and grow your team.

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