Periscope reigns supreme but you should also know about other competitors

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This May, Periscope celebrated its first birthday. The app was a huge success and gained millions of users during this time, making it one of the most interesting apps this year. Who thought that the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eye would be such a huge hit, right? Well, there are many interesting events around the world that we would love to see, and maybe that’s why people liked the app so much.

Periscope was designed by Twitter and became a leader in the world of video streaming apps in just one year, with more than 200 million broadcasts. While its position will certainly be strong, there have been rumors about other companies wanting to replace Periscope, including Google and YouTube. These companies have been engaged in developing a decent rival for Periscope since last year when the app began to take a commanding lead. The search giant was made to catch up in the video streaming area and being the last is not something Google is used to. Currently, the company is working on the app called YouTube Connect that essentially performs all functions of Periscope by letting the users stream the video directly to provider’s video website.

Some sources suggested that YouTube Connect will be ready for release later this year. When it becomes available, the company will allow users of iOS and Android devices log in using their Google or YouTube account data and stream video to their channel on YouTube. This could be just as exciting as Periscope, given the popularity of the service and lots of features that will be provided, including chatting, tagging, and highlight reels. The site may gain even more popularity because of the live interactions and streams and ability to share through Facebook, social media experts say.

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Another competitor that was released even before Periscope is Meerkat. It was developed by a startup almost two years ago and offered a great service of live video streaming which was popularized at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival held in the spring last year. When the app was already used by thousands of smartphone owners, the company decided to take it to another level and promote it through Twitter. The rumor has it that Twitter’s bosses very much liked the idea of video streaming service and decided to make one of its own. That’s how Periscope was born.

Facebook Live is perhaps the most important competitor for Periscope at the moment. The company has pretty much jumped on the idea of Meerkat as well and came up with its own app, which was launched in the December of 2015. First, the feature was available only for celebrities, then for everybody else. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quick to strengthen the positions of his company in the video streaming area by giving the keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress. He suggested that Facebook will be the leader because the number of people using the feature on his platform continues to rise. Moreover, Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook offered a more raw and candid outlet than any other social media platform, which should contribute to increasing the number of users by improving their experience.

Zuckerberg’s suggestions about the leadership of Facebook Live in the near future actually come with a lot of supporting actions. It was reported by several social media news companies that Facebook is discussing terms of streaming football games with the NFL, which is one of the most popular leagues in the American live streaming world (Remember how Yahoo had to pay $20 million to stream just one NFL game?). This news certainly suggests that Facebook considers live video streaming an important part of its future growth strategy, so the company has everything it needs to become a real competitor to Periscope. We think it is safe to assume that Facebook Live will be the most serious competitor of Periscope in the next year until an app from Google joins them.

Snapchat can be considered a competitor to Periscope and to all the aforementioned apps as well. Even though it is not focused to provide a pure streaming experience, it uses the same principles and targets similar audiences. Therefore, Snapchat gets an honorable mention here.

It is clear that regardless of what company becomes a rival to Periscope, the video streaming business will be a huge deal. First and foremost, they provide a great ability to stream exciting events, which can be great for travel and daily business. In addition to the opportunity to provide a great experience for users, these apps will make it easier for businesses to market their brands through the streaming capabilities. For example, the promoters at Royal Essays used Periscope to stream a video showing the office and people who work there for their customers. Also, the apps will allow streamlining of communication across organizational networks. For example, Ted Murphy, one of Nestlé’s officials stated that “if this works the way we think it will work, then we will evaluate [Periscope] to add it into our platform and put a bigger effort behind it for our company.”

Even though some social media experts suggest that it is too early in the game to tell about the future competition in the video streaming industry, a fierce rivalry has already begun. Periscope and Facebook Live are the most important players on the field now, but it is safe to assume that Google will be there soon with its YouTube Connect app to get some share of the action.

One way or another, the game will be hot and it is quite possible that some new players will appear on the field as well.

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Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking to discover new ways for professional and personal growth.

Gravatar mystery man

Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking to discover new ways for professional and personal growth.


  1. Avatar Julie Stobbe on August 26, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    Great article on the different video streaming apps. I have seen the Facebook app and Periscope in action. I just need to get my nerve up and start trying it. From this article I can see I have some catching up to do.

    • Avatar Janet Barclay on August 27, 2016 at 6:55 am

      There’s no question that it’s hard to stay on top of all the developments! I haven’t tried it yet either but it could be fun.

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