Going Green – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Going Green Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

This month’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival is all about Going Green!

With Earth Day right around the corner, I asked my readers to share their blog posts about topics such as eco-friendly ways to deal with clutter or implementing green practices at home or at work. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Check out these posts covering the three Rs: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle and even more! Please show the contributors your appreciation by leaving comments and sharing their posts (or this one) on social media, using the hashtags #POBC #goinggreen.

 Name of Blogger Title of Post Link to Post
Hazel ThorntonAre you taking it too far? (recycling / donating / selling / repurposing)org4life.com
Sabrina QuairoliHow to Upcycle Planters into a Desk Pencil Holdersabrinasorganizing.com
Seana TurnerTalkin' Trashtheseanamethod.com
Melanie JuedesEasy ways to eco-organize your homeresetorganizing.com
Audrey CupoOld items can be used in a new way4abetterspace.com
Andrea SharbEthical Consuming Questions You Should Be Asking Yourselfslowminimalism.com
Diana Duran WettlingOrganizing For Our Environmentorganizedassistant.com
Janet BarclayGreen Organizingorganizedassistant.com
Damaris WellesChoose These Cool Eco-Accessories Instead of Plasticdetailsorganizingitall.com
Julie StobbeGet organized and donate to textile recyclingmindoverclutter.ca
Janet SchieslGoing Green While on Vacationbasicorganization.com
Olive WagarMake Organizing Fun by Repurposingorganizedbyolive.com
Nancy HaworthProducts for Organized Home Recycling and Compostingontaskorganizing.com
Stephanie ShalofskyGo Green With Office Organizing Strategiestheorganizingzone.com
 Name of Blogger Title of Post Link to Post
'I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.' Mother TeresaClick To Tweet

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I’m now accepting submissions for next month’s Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, when the topic will be Marie Kondo. You have until 7 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 14 to make your submission.

Professional Organizers Blog Carnival - Going Green

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  1. Lots of great posts in this roundup. I’m so thankful to be part of an industry that wants to act responsibly and help clients make decisions they can feel good about!

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