Striking a Balance Between Posts for Your Readers and Your Passions

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Blogging: Passion vs Income

Is it difficult for you to blog with passion and still supply information your readers can use?

You won’t want to miss this post by Kacey Mya Bradley, who also wrote The Pleasures of Mixing Traveling with Business.


Writing a professional blog can be an excellent way to generate leads and profits while discussing topics that matter to you. However, many people who intend to write business-related blogs end up stalling because they are unable to figure out how to craft posts that appeal to readers and reflect genuine enthusiasm. Understandably, striking that balance can be tough, but the tips below should give you some useful strategies to try.

Take a Conversational Tone

Sometimes, blog content can become much too dry because the writer is trying so hard to come across in a professional way. Although the exact way you do this will vary depending on your industry and audience, experiment with using a conversational tone. That way, you should find it easier to engage with readers and make it seem as if you genuinely empathize with the things they are facing.

Present Yourself as a Problem Solver

Let’s face it: Readers won’t be likely to come back to your blog if you are only telling them things they already know. Instead, put yourself forth as a person who is able to solve the problems your readers face on a regular basis. When done properly, taking this approach allows you to build your reputation as an authority figure.

Potentially, that not only allows you to write posts featuring what you’re passionate about, but may also give opportunities to support your efforts in other ways, such as by being a guest blogger or appearing at seminars.

Maintain Your Personal Brand

By doing a simple Internet search, you’ll see there are many websites and articles devoted to helping people create their personal brands. However, the reality is, you already have a personal brand, even if you did not consciously do anything to build it.

Things like social media, local newspapers and in-person events all help bring your personal brand to the forefront. However, you can take responsibility for maintaining your personal brand, so the things people see about you are as favorable as possible.

For starters, make sure every blog post has a consistent, and preferably singular message. Then, readers can get an idea of what to expect from each post just by checking out the introductory paragraph. Also, ensure your branding is uniform across all platforms. For example, the way you come across in blog posts should mimic what people see on your social media profiles.

Finally, make it clear why readers should trust you. Convey why your insight is valuable, and be sure to back up everything you write with sources and proof.

Allow Readers to Subscribe to Your Blog

If you are able to get readers to repeatedly come to your blog, you have accomplished a major achievement for potentially making money either directly through your blog or when people visit other parts of a website where the blog resides. That’s why it’s such a good idea to have a subscription option so people can receive e-mail notifications when new content is posted. Hopefully, allowing a subscription feature will make it so you don’t have to spend as much time actively promoting your blog, giving more freedom to plan what to say in upcoming posts.

Be Descriptive

When conversing about something that matters to you and having the benefit of doing it in person, characteristics like the volume of your voice, your expression and gestures all help the other person realize you really stand behind what you say and are earnest about it. Obviously, many of those factors disappear in the online realm. Therefore, descriptive language can really help you get your point across and drive readership.

For help, look over every sentence of a post and determine whether there are better ways to help readers understand what you’re really feeling. For example, rather than merely saying you feel tired, you can go into much more detail and say that you are in such dire need of sleep that your eyelids feel heavy, and it seems as if your mind is in a fog. Doing that makes your content a lot more interesting, and helps readers relate to you.

As you can see, it’s possible to write a blog that is profitable, or otherwise supports your business, but doesn’t force you into making bland posts that deplete your desire to write at all. Although it’ll take some time and diligence to figure out which of the tips above work best for you, the payoff should be a handsome one. Ideally, you’ll be on your way to combining business sense and the interests that drive you, ultimately creating posts people cannot wait to read.

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