Closet Organizing – Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

I am super excited about this month’s edition of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival because we have contributors from all over the world! Well, maybe not ALL OVER, but Canada, Australia, the US, the UK and the UAE, so I’m feeling pretty international here. 🙂 

Because spring (or autumn, for some of you) is just around the corner, a lot of us will be doing the wardrobe switcheroo, where we put away one season’s clothing and bring the rest out of storage, so our topic for this month is Closet Organizing.

Closet Organizing - Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Our sponsor for this edition is Tracey Shadley, who was trained by California Closets and worked for them for 18 years before launching Organize A – Z. Tracey developed her 5 Part M.A.G.I.C Formula for Designing the Perfect Closet course just for professional organizers who don’t normally have access to this level of closet design training. The current session is already underway, but she’ll be running it again this summer and also plans to offer an “evergreen” version that can be started at any time.

As you read the Closet Organizing posts listed below for ideas for yourself or your clients, be sure to reach out to the bloggers by connecting with them on social media, leaving a comment, and/or sharing their posts with your own network. Please use the hashtag #POBC in your social media posts.

Name of BloggerTitle of PostLink to Post
Amanda LecaudeWardrobe Organising in 5 easy
Audrey CupoGoing Shopping In Your Own
Carolyn CaldwellOrganize the Closet - Lighten the
Chrissy HaltonHow to get your wardrobe organised - a step by step
Ellen DelapMaster Bedroom
Geralin ThomasHow to Build Wardrobe
Hazel ThorntonClear Your Closet Clutter!
Hilda RodgersOrganizing A Chaotic Linen
Janine AdamsCreating a capsule
Jill RobsonCome out of the closet and show me your
Karen ThomasOrganizing Your Child's
Kate MartinA Review of IKEA's PAX Wardrobe - Is It Right For You?
Kathy McEwanBedroom Closet Organizing, The Right Way!
Laura Wittmann31 Days to Organized
Lori Gersh10 Tips to Organize Your
Margarita IbbottOrganizing your Teen’s
Marissa JacobsHow to Clean Out Your Closet to Make Room for Your Spring
Nancy HaworthHow to Purge Your
Natalie GallagherOrganizing the Organizer: Bedroom Closet Makeover
Nealey StapletonOrganize My Closet: How To Make The Not-So-Obvious
Olive WagarCloset Rescue
Rashelle IsipHow to Organize a Clothes Closet After a
Sabrina QuairoliOrganized My Kids
Sarah SoboleskiBaby Closet
Seana TurnerHow To Organize A
Shelina JokhiyaDecluttering and Organizing a Walk-in
Tracey Shadley5 Tips For Easy Closet
Name of BloggerTitle of PostLink to Post

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s Blog Carnival, especially our sponsor, Tracey Shadley. Contact her through Organize A – Z for information about her upcoming closet design courses.

Our topic for April will be Repurposing & Upcycling, and you may make your submission any time from now until Tuesday, April 12 at midnight EDT. Please let me know if you’d like to suggest a topic or sponsor for a future edition.

A former professional organizer, I’m now a web designer and Certified Digital Business Consultant. I love helping others succeed by sharing the knowledge and insight I’ve gained through marketing my own business for over 15 years! When I’m away from my desk, I enjoy reading, photography, watching movies, and cooking.

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  1. Wow! What a great turnout! I really want to give credit to Marissa Jacobs of Create Space Organizing in Boulder, CO as she was my guest poster who actually wrote this post for me! 🙂

  2. Janet,

    This round up couldn’t be more timely, as we’re right in the middle of closet organizing challenge month on my blog! I’ll be sure to link to this awesome resource for my readers in my upcoming Challenge assignment.


  3. What a great collection of closet organizing tips from all over the world! I love all of the different ideas and approaches to closet organization in these blogs. Thanks for bringing this together!

    • Yes, this was one of our biggest Blog Carnivals ever! Considering we’ve covered this topic once before and that there is no overlap, that’s a ton of information about organizing closets!

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